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Your Friday Dose of Tech News - Week 21, 2015

Corporate May 22, 2015

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Technology Trends Week 21

Businesses should think about the hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud model offers immense benefits and cost savings. Businesses across sectors are adopting the hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud helps organizations to balance their in-house IT infrastructure and public cloud services. Apart from delivering cost effectiveness, hybrid cloud also allows scalability and agility.

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Big Data changing the gaming industry

A fast growing gaming industry is a major attraction for Big Data companies. With the evolution of new gaming technologies such as virtual reality, it is giving birth to new data about user playing patterns and their psychology. Big Data can find an opportunity to make that data actionable. Many new virtual reality based devices such as Samsung Gear VR, XBOX have been released in the market. Most of these gaming devices create the player profiles and the game strategy is designed based on this information. The magic of big data can change the look and feel of these games for every individual and make them even more entertaining.

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Wearables will enrich Enterprise Mobility

We have seen many new startups working towards innovative wearable devices. Examples include Nest (Google) which is making smart homes, Fitbit which is making activity trackers, among others. These smart devices are making the enterprise smarter with the use of sensors and digital transformation. Wearable medical devices segment of through IoT is estimated reach over $4 billion by 2020. The current estimated value is around $1.5 billion. There is a huge scope for growth of these devices and the applications which support them.

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SharePoint 2013 with upgraded features

Microsoft is continuously coming up with social integration features in their SharePoint tool and Yammer. In the latest launch of Share point 2013, the IT giant has released three important features which were lacking in the 2011 version:

  • We have seen the ‘About Me’ feature in version 2011 which contains the employee profile information. In addition to the pre-existing features, new fields like Ask Me About, Past Projects and Skills can also be created and synced from fields in the Active Directory.
  • All the tasks are now aggregated and can be viewed from one central location. It comes in three different views: Important and Upcoming, Active and Completed. Tasks can also be synced with Outlook.
  • In the new version, you can follow documents, sites and people inside of SharePoint.

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