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Why move to Serverless Architecture?

Shailesh Kulkarni Feb 17, 2017

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My previous blog focused on the fundamentals of Serverless architecture, one of most imperative topics of discussion in the era cloud computing. Ideally, serverless is the future of hosting software in cloud. Everything right from virtualization to containers are going serverless. So the important question here is, why to leverage Serverless architecture?

Though, the concept of serverless architecture is naive, you should carefully consider your decision of using the serverless paradigm. Here are some benefits that might help you in deciding why you should opt for serverless architecture.

Opting for serverless architecture allows the users to minimize the infrastructure and operational expenses. The notion of serverless architecture empowers to host and manage servers and databases with a third party vendors as an outsourcing solution. Eventually, the user pays for what they use because the third-party vendor is already managing thousands of other databases on his server.

Serverless architecture has built-in services like Auth0 which provides a developed authentication functionality for processes like sign-in or login (common for most of the applications) to save development costs and efforts.

The BaaS (Backend as a Service) database allows the users to have client communication directly with server-side database by eliminating the administration costs and also providing an ability to have different authorizations for different types of users.

On FaaS side, auto-scaling functionality helps in reducing operational management and compute costs. Another benefit is that the vendor can add or remove instances from arrays of server without involvement of user.

FaaS also allows you to write code in vendor’s console without worrying about packaging and deployment process. Though, this benefit is similar as PaaS, FaaS provides a good scaling advantage which is commendable.

The most important benefit that serverless architecture provides is efficient use of resources and causes minimized impact on environment as the capacity decisions are made by vendors instead of users. Vendors are well-aware of the server capacity and hence, they utilize it efficiently without wasting any ounce of it.

Lot of benefits are offered by serverless architecture like scaling and cost saving but, there are quite few roadblocks like debugging and monitoring we need to focus on. However, serverless might be an excellent solution for every cloud related problem but it doesn’t mean all our existing servers will be replaced. Absolutely, serverless is a great option and it has a long way to go.  

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