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Distributed public data made easy by Satori

Shailesh Kulkarni Jun 21, 2017

Open Source satori distributed data


One common problem that we face every day is the availability of open/public data distributed on thousands of silos websites which are separate from each other. The process of bringing these data together manually is difficult and time-consuming. This is also inconvenient as everyone needs to crawl or manually visit all the sites to get relevant information.

Most of the open data comes from various government sites around the world. Whether it is a local government releasing data on jobs and housing or a country providing transportation data, open data can be used by researchers, scientists, developers and entrepreneurs to help solve problems and address urgent needs of our society. However, by the use of Satori, developers and open data publishers will realize the full potential of public data by bringing them all on one single platform.

Open data becomes more accessible by the use of Satori Platform. Its live streaming platform and tools for publishing public data helps the publishers greatly and makes the whole process less cumbersome. Using Satori, developers can write logic and rules on that stream of information which lets them extract information or look at the data in unique ways. It also enables them to write programs or applications or bots. It is a very innovative platform where all internet sites can be consumed over network as live streaming of data through channels. It is a stateless service that does not use database and provides live streaming data.

It also eliminates the need of having a high backend infrastructure, thereby reducing costs. Satori is capable of handling trillions of data transactions from millions of publishers and subscribers in the blink of an eye. Besides these, it also allows live filtering and live reaction to the data as it flows, thanks to autonomic live stream bots.

Using this platform, we can solve various problems in an effective way. Developers could effectively build predictive analytics on live streaming platform. Satori platform has 5.5 million feeds that are growing continuously. We could use this data to do different types of analysis. We can write our custom logic and build applications based on our own interest to serve a specific purpose by using APIs and SDKs. For example, with the published data we can derive the number of passengers going to arrive at an airport or a railway station and deduce whether the number of cabs available will be sufficient or not. We can also get all information about the upcoming harvesting season and plan everything accordingly.

This platform provides different services like:

  • Messaging services - All apps and bots communicate via channels on RTM (real-time messaging)
  • Bots - We can write custom user logic on incoming channel message data, client SDK and channel
  • Mode of channel subscription using a SQL - like language called fSQL to filter and transform messages before sending them to the subscriber
Ethical researchers in healthcare industry need to publish research papers and want to know different regulations to support the research. By using this platform, we can easily build alert systems that provide regulatory alerts by using live streaming data from different public healthcare sites.

These are only a few of the numerous wonders that Satori can do in today’s data-driven world. Satori holds the capacity to convert all of the world’s open data into live data and make it freely available for anyone and everyone. The possibilities are endless!

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