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Tech Digest – Week 15, 2013

Corporate Apr 12, 2013

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Oracle hopes to ride the cloud wave in India

The managing director of Oracle India said that companies spend 20% of their revenue on driving growth and rest on maintenance. But Oracle should spend a big percentage on growth through their cloud solutions. Cloud computing which is the core of Oracle may assist in advancing the overall business in India and globally even after a stiff competition.

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Key to Business Intelligence success: Data accuracy and visibility

Usually there are problems faced by the organizations regarding lack of data visibility and reporting skills. To overcome these problems there are ample of solutions being implemented. The solutions can help, but more than anything, implementing the right strategies will be the key. As a first step data integration and accuracy can be the first step.

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Developers get into BaaS, Mobile APIs for new opportunities

Backend as a Service (BaaS), a new development in the API market that gives the developers a way for cloud services to build the mobile applications of the future. From the business point of view, each of the mobile platforms has its own benefits and limitations. They also have a technical framework - its own APIs. Mobile development platform APIs generally fall into two categories: platform APIs related to the mobile device's own operating system and middleware, and service APIs related to the access of Web-hosted material.

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Secure Microsoft Office Collaboration via any device

The first offering to give enterprise users a secure collaboration capability via any desktop, laptop or mobile device, including iOS devices or HTML5-capable browsers is provided by Microsoft Office. It combines disjointed workflows by delivering complete productivity, including annotations, editing and real-time, multi-user collaboration, within a single app to facilitate secure file sharing on multiple platforms and devices.

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