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What’s so great about SharePoint 2016 Framework?

Mandar Thosar Feb 09, 2017

SharePoint 2016 Sharepoint UX SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint 2016 is mobile-first and cloud-first framework allowing developers to build solutions using JavaScript languages on different platforms and devices.

For developers working with SharePoint, it was like a roller coaster ride owing to the flux in features and offerings. But, considering the new SharePoint framework with its incremental features and capabilities the SharePoint developer community has breathed a sigh of relief.

So what’s so different about SharePoint Framework? 

The SharePoint 2016 framework is based on modern web development platform specially emphasizing on the UX and UI customizations. None of the existing features are being depreciated from the SharePoint model; instead it will be an enhanced framework having newly added features for the betterment of the SharePoint experience.

The SharePoint framework will facilitate developing solutions based on JavaScript having a full browser support. It will also blend in the advanced SharePoint UX along with the add-in model for providing code isolation and security features.

Considering SharePoint UX as major transformation, Microsoft has added modern document libraries, list and site contents as a part of new experience. Though, this transformation might appear hard to accept but once you are accustomed with it, these great features can be beneficial in many ways.

Another major transformation in SharePoint framework will be that it can be hosted on any environment or servers. It will have an URL reference which will refer the location of code by rendering specific script in the browser.

SharePoint Framework UX - 

The SharePoint solutions can be used for developing modern team sites and also the classic SharePoint sites. The UX modernization in SharePoint is to offer additional features by increasing the productivity and provide smooth integration with modern SharePoint sites.

If you are looking to develop SharePoint solutions then you can either develop a complete SharePoint Framework or a blended solution having the SharePoint UX and SharePoint Add-ins to communicate with SharePoint and other systems.

The SharePoint framework is going to be amazing but definitely it will pose limitations if not well thought-through before implementation. It totally depends on the priorities and business needs which model is best suitable for you to leverage the SharePoint capabilities. It is highly essential to have updated knowledge to efficiently design the solutions and get better results. 

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