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Ghost Inspector- the Scriptless Automation

Automation testing comes with a fair bit of command over programing skills. The Test Engineer needs to be well versed with the basics of programming concepts. ‘Ghost Inspector’ relieves you from any such efforts towards learning the same! It uses a ‘scriptless’ approach for automated test cases wherein you just need to install a plugin to “record” your actions over a case.

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Using Protractor for AngularJS Automation Testing

In our application, which is built using AngularJS, we required to write an automated script that is supposed to run on headless browser (without invoking browser).
However, Selenium locators were not able to find the elements in headless browser mode. Protractor comes to our rescue which supports locating extra HTML attributes such as ng-repeater, ng-controller, ng-model using headless browser- PhantomJS.

Protractor is an open source functional automation framework designed specifically for AngularJS web applications. This tool is a combination of technologies such as Jasmine, Selenium Webdriver, and Node.js etc. It’s a wrapper built on top of Selenium Webdriver and thus provides all the capabilities of Selenium along with many useful additions.

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Switching to automation testing

Fruitful testing is the key for successful project. However, managing and running tests manually can be waste of time and money. That’s why many organizations are choosing to utilize automated testing in order to maximize efficiency and make the best use of resources. A test automation strategy is an ideal way for teams to focus on features of a project to be automated. Some factors that influence whether a project requires manual or automated testing includes budget, timeline, expertise and project specifications. Of course, the goal for any project is to deliver a quality product in a timely and cost-effective manner. Automation testing can help to do that.

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Points to contemplate before automation testing

In recent years, automation testing within software industry has transformed at all stages. Irrespective of its popularity, a lot of difference has been observed in the adoption level of automation, owing to different quality parameters and demands of customers. Automation testing is nothing but a process of reducing repetitive and redundant tasks to ease out your manual testing efforts. No doubt, whenever software testing is mentioned, automation is always followed by it.

Automation plays a key role in any software development process considering its benefits such as flexibility, speed and reliability. However, with ever changing project requirements, automation scripts are also likely to change. This continuous modification in the scripts can become a tedious process and can have a detrimental effect on the development team. Therefore, it is essential to think why and when automation is required for your project.  

The fundamental job of automation testing is to free up resources performing repetitive tasks by enabling them to work on latest features of the project. However, there are some other factors which might define need automation testing.  

  • Phase of the project: Before implementing automation, it is necessary to consider the phase of project. For example, if user interface of the project is not finalized and its requirement is constantly changing then implementing automation at this stage can be a costly affair.
  • Budget: Before considering automation for the project, evaluating budget is important. Having right automation tools or framework can help in reducing maintenance cost of project. Trying other open source frameworks before moving on with actual framework can help in evaluating and understanding the impact of automation and cost required for developing it.
  • Automation framework: To avoid rewriting scripts for dynamic project requirements, having a good framework is essential. An automation test framework can help in reducing repetitive efforts. But, having a good knowledge of testing process is necessary before beginning test automation. Furthermore the testing framework should be simple to adopt and use. The initial testing processes must be combined and should have some standardized protocols to perform testing.
  • Automation team: While executing automation, having a team aware of complexities and standards is vital. The team should have basic programming understanding and also knowledge about the architecture of project. Training and educating the team on automation can be expensive and time consuming.  

Automation testing is to simplify the testing process by eliminating the need of repetition but it is not everybody’s cup of tea. The results of automation testing still depends upon how well it is performed. Analyzing cost before investing into a framework is necessary and evaluating the right framework too. Nevertheless, consulting a test advisory who can help you with this can also be considered as a viable option.

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Automation using Selenium WebDriver Frameworks

Frameworks help to structure our code and make the maintenance process easy. Without frameworks we will place all our code and data in same place which is neither re-usable nor readable. Using frameworks provides beneficial outcomes like increase code re-usage, higher portability, reduced script maintenance cost, etc.

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Automation testing from Selenium IDE to WebDriver

Scripts recorded in Selenium IDE can be easily transferred to and run from the WebDriver. You just have to export the test case from IDE in your preferred programming language & testing framework.

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