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Technology stories you don't want to miss - Week 18 2017

Corporate May 05, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint Internet of Things (IoT) Big Data Cloud Artificial Intelligence Enterprise mobility management Microsoft PowerApps Heathcare security


Do you understand cloud?

We all have heard about cloud. But are we aware, how it functions or what it can be used for? In layman terms, cloud is where we store our data or programs using internet as an important entity. Cloud was invented to store your data securely and access that data from any location.

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Importance of enterprise mobility for healthcare data security

Most of the healthcare organizations prefer accessing data through mobile as it enables them to access it from any location. But, as the staff members are always on move, the providers are skeptical about patient’s data security.

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What 2017 holds for big data, IoT and AI?

In the tech-world, everybody is talking about big data, IoT and AI. Vendors are working on connected devices and data collected from these devices to utilize them for betterment of products. As these technologies are entering our daily lives, it will be exciting to see, how they will impact the world.

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Microsoft PowerApps to reduce the workload of large SharePoint Lists

PowerApps, a Microsoft low-code model, used for mobile and web development received a major update this week. The app will not only manage the smaller datasets but the bigger ones as well.

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