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Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 48, 2017

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CXOs are learning to tackle the challenges of multiple clouds

Chief Information Officers (CIOs), CTOs, and other technology leaders are facing challenges related to dealing with multiple cloud computing facilities. Industry experts and analysts are of the view that as more investments pour into cloud data centers, CIOs will have to learn how to manage what they say in an ‘increasingly hybrid’ set-up.

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How enterprise mobility affects the digital transformation readiness?

Enterprise Mobility is the simplest step toward Digital Transformation and mobile is the most obvious manifestation of digital transformation. When people use enterprise software from a mobile device, it indicates that the system is the lifeblood of the business. Research has showed how enterprise mobility affects their readiness for digital transformation.

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Generating new business insights through big data

Big Data has evolved over the years and transformed various forms of data, right from customer-centric data to industrial data. Big Data models are helping the organizations in creating more streams of data can create more data insights in the near future

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How to streamline an enterprise collaboration ecosystem with IT?

Collaboration is the core for any modern workplace and key for teamwork and a thriving business growing at breakneck pace. IT plays a vital role in building and supporting this collaboration ecosystem. With strategic planning, IT can make cost-effective collaboration a reality.

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