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Tech Digest – Week 41, 2012

Corporate Oct 13, 2012

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Windows 8 App Development: A Burden or a Breeze?

With the boom in sale of tablets, Microsoft has decided to shed the shackles of its desktop-focused past in favor of a touch-friendly, mobile-first future. Microsoft supports several programming languages with its Windows 8 SDK. It's goodbye Start button, hello Start screen. Icons are out, tiles are in. The developers we spoke to said that versatility makes developing Windows 8 apps a breeze, particularly if you have a background in developing for Windows or Web apps, or if you're familiar with C++ or C#.

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Indian IT riding the Big Data wave

Now-a-days surveillance cameras are capturing us in most of the public places and the captured data might be stored in different countries and can be accessed from other countries as well. Someone may be watching you, and not because you might be a shoplifter. In minutes, video of which aisles you visited, what products you picked up and put down, what you bought and the displays that caught your fancy will be sent to a company in Bangalore, India. These logs can be used to do analysis to determine propensity to purchase, what a customer's intent, satisfaction, which says it is among the world's biggest pure-play data analytics companies. The business of storing, decoding and analyzing unstructured data - think video, Facebook updates, Tweets, Internet searches and public cameras - along with mountains of facts and figures can help companies increase profits, cut costs and improve service, and is now one of the world's hottest industries. One reason for the emergence of Big Data as India's next big thing in IT is the dramatic fall in the costs of storing and working with huge volumes of data with the advent of cloud computing and open-source software programs such as Hadoop.

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Migrating to SharePoint 2013

The big question is, ‘Has SharePoint been completely accepted by now?’ Absolutely not. SharePoint has pushed its nose into more than half of the Fortune 1000, but it’s a dynamic, complex ecosystem, with no shortage of customization and functional pieces. It’s not a commodity or a one-size-fits-all tool, like messaging. So SharePoint itself differs in how it appears to different organizations. We know that SharePoint is a powerful and rapidly expanding platform for enterprise collaboration, but how beneficial are the new features in SharePoint 2013 and how can enterprises determine what value they will get?

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Modern mobile development techniques: The Y-shaped methodology

When the end goal is creating the highest quality of user experience possible on a mobile device, there's no debating the fact that native application development is the only way to go. But with at least four major platforms to target in a Bring-your-own-device world, each with its own platform-specific development kits and APIs, how can an organization effectively deliver mobile applications that are specifically targeted to each of the mobile platforms without completely blowing the entire IT budget? Forward-thinking organizations are moving away from a fragmented-by-platform mobile development process and are instead adopting a feature-based approach that stresses commonality. Divergences and differences between platforms only end up coming into play as UI development issues come into focus. This evolving approach is known as the Y-shaped development method because the development stream looks more like the letter Y than it does a bunch of independent columns or silos that stand alone independently.

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