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Tech Digest – Week 39, 2012

Corporate Sep 28, 2012

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Private Cloud Deployment: Six factors to consider

Today a highly debatable topic is about the benefits of private cloud as compared to public cloud. Many organizations, citing concerns around security, have been less than enthusiastic about the idea of passing over sensitive customer information and company intellectual property to a 3rd party. Amazon EC2 and RSA VeriSign are enough evidence that public cloud vendors are less than capable of properly securing their data. Although the private cloud is the best way to compromise over cost cutting on hardware, virtualization, and security. It is imperative for organizations to understand that housing data internally still requires careful evaluation and planning. So before deploying a private cloud, the six factors that need to be considered are as follows -

  • Security
  • Regulatory concerns
  • Legal Agreements
  • Application Suitability
  • Network and Application Performance
  • In-House Skills

Continue reading at: http://www.datamation.com/cloud-computing/private-cloud-deployment-six-factors-to-consider.html

Intelligence is a mobile developer’s best friend

We generally face problems while transferring video and audio files over long distance in addition to congestion problems. Nowadays the big problem that we are facing is that the webpages of renowned companies that take around 3 seconds to load over the web take over 9 seconds to load on mobile devices. If such companies don’t want users to abandon their sites and want the users to remain intact with them they need to gear up to tackle this problem. Although 4G networks can boost performance of such company’s file-transfer tool by three to four times over 3G networks, it’s a volatile medium on which performance is inconsistent, more so because a network can become congested in just fractions of a second.

Continue reading at: http://gigaom.com/mobile/intelligence-is-a-mobile-developers-best-friend/

What do BI vendors mean when they say they integrate with Hadoop?

In today’s market there is a big boom for Big Data therefore BI vendors are under rigorous competition to be the leaders. Hadoop certainly plays a key role in the big data revolution, so all Business Intelligence (BI) vendors are jumping on the bandwagon to integrate with Hadoop. Basically Hadoop is a conglomeration of multiple projects, each addressing a certain niche withing the Hadoop ecosystem such as data access, data integration, DBMS, system management, reporting, analytics, data exploration and much more.

Continue reading at: http://blogs.computerworlduk.com/app-dev-and-programme-management/2012/09/what-do-bi-vendors-mean-when-they-say-they-integrate-with-hadoop/

Social media success comes with the right tools

Traditionally, enterprise value creation was concentrated heavily inside the organization. Inputs to the product design came from customers during specific moments of interaction which consisted mainly of market research surveys, focus groups or customer feedbacks. Based on insights developed within the organization, potential customers were targeted, segmented and marketed to. Social media marketing webinars or workshops are two of the many ways in which professionals are spending time and energy to help their partners understand how to use social media and where to get great content to share. Social media automation platforms are an excellent way for your partners to manage the task of staying on top of their social media. The four platforms that can help to decide which fits best to the specific needs are as follows- GaggleAMP, Socialize Your Stuff, StructuredWeb and social demand.

Continue reading at: http://www.thevarguy.com/2012/09/26/social-media-success-comes-with-the-right-tools/

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