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Tech Digest – Week 23, 2013

Corporate Jun 07, 2013

Cloud Computing Integration mobile application development Big Data Technology Mobile Device Management Enterprise Collaboration Social Media tools

Cloud Computing Integration – Future of IT in Banking

Cloud Computing Integration has been at the top of priorities for all the banks worldwide. Cloud is being more popular due to flexibility it is providing to organizations for virtualizing their internal infrastructure. It will be the biggest challenge for banks and other financial institutes to adopt cloud computing considering the compliance, data privacy and security.

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Big Data – Solution to reach right customer with best deals

The online marketers realize the importance of personalizing the experience of each customer on their site in terms of ultimate sales, customer loyalty and long-term growth of the business. The impulse of big data looks capable of achieving the personalized Web experience for individual customers. The massive data on customer behavior and history captured via Web will be valuable in making real time digital decisions.

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HP in enterprise mobile application development platform

HP declared a new version of ‘HP Anywhere Platform’ which is designed based on the open standards with context aware collaboration, system integration and enterprise security. This platform will help to address the enterprise scalability needs, costs with mobile device management integrations and employee productivity improvements.

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Social Media tools for Collaboration in Enterprises

Many enterprises are encouraging the collaboration within their organization various social media tools such as Yammer, Chatter, Jive, Socialcast etc. According to survey conducted by Ipsos for Microsoft, conclusions for the adoption are different across the different parts of the world. For example, in China 84 percent and in Netherlands only 24 percent of respondents are certain about improvement in productivity due to collaboration.

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