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Tech Digest Week 23

Corporate Jun 08, 2018

Big Data trends AI Blockchain Enterprise Cloud IoT cloud SharePoint 2019

eCommerce spending on a rise 

Worldwide spending on digital commerce is rapidly increasing and the adoption of money transfers, social payments and blockchain are set to drive the trend. Paypal, QR codes are popular means of payment online. Retailers are using these to reduce lines at checkout counters. 

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The inevitable Cloud

Manual work will soon be replenished by the star- Cloud!  Financial institution in particular will need to become cloud friendly so that they can attract young blood during this era of changing work culture. A cloud banking system is not something to be avoided. Instead, financial institutions should embrace cloud banking as an opportunity to bring the financial industry out of the clutch of tradition and the mundane.

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Enterprise Mobility Management 101

As the focus of the organizations slowly changes from a device-based approach to a more full-fledged enterprise mobility management strategy, new trends will create a paradigm shift in the global business operations.

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Big Data and AI in retail

In the US alone several retail companies have gone out of business and they have much to learn from the way Amazon does business. As a matter of survival, nearly every major retailer is exploring ways to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize the customer experience and to lure them away from Amazon. 

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Sharepoint Server 2019

One of the big disadvantages to SharePoint 2016 has been that it lacked a lot of the modern SharePoint features. Luckily now, all efforts have been put into SharePoint 2019 on bringing the modern experience on-premises with several new features.

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