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TECH DIGEST – Week 38, 2014

Corporate Sep 26, 2014

enterprise apps mobile first enterprises Hybrid Cloud Technology

Why Hybrid Cloud maybe your best bet?

Public clouds offer significant financial savings to enterprises. However, they come with inherent security and accessibility concerns. Private cloud environments are more powerful, flexible and secure, but they are significantly more expensive. Offering the best of both worlds are hybrid clouds. They offer the cost efficiency and flexibility of the public cloud while being as secure as a private cloud. For instance, a typical hybrid cloud might employ an S3 bucket for archived data but use in-house storage for production data. Hybrid clouds offer distinct benefits to SMEs looking to expand their computing power.

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Big Data can help design ideal cities

We are at the early stages of Big Data transformation. Only in the last few years have we realized the potential of bettering individual lives through data. And it will impact cities as much as individuals living in those cities. With more empirical information available, making choices will be easier than ever. For instance, pedometers give you information on your walking statistics. This will allow urban planners and government officials to use their resources more efficiently and create a safer, walkable neighborhood or decide which mode of transit work suits a particular neighborhood.

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Six habits of successful mobile first enterprises

Despite all the talk about the rise of mobility, increased adoption of smartphones and apps, the enterprise has been slow to respond to the movement. Whether it's a small company or a large company with a huge IT budget, companies are not following the best habits for enterprise mobility. Essentially, there are six habits of highly successful mobile-first enterprises. Using them, you can gain a strong advantage from this mobile opportunity.

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Enterprise Apps can help with collaboration

Enterprise apps are breathing a new life into internal collaboration. Enterprises are naturally inclined to use these apps to communicate and collaborate within the organization. Far-flung teams, regardless of functions and time zones, can work in sync due to these apps. With today's on-the-fly work culture, collaborative business apps flourish, thanks to the easy access to data, anywhere, anytime.

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