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Tech Digest – Week 11, 2013

Admin Mar 15, 2013

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Review: Amazon, the mother of all Clouds

Amazon Web Services (AWS) lead with a dizzying array of choices, resources and services but lacks behind in terms of performance and price. Selling servers by the hour was a bold idea when the Amazon cloud business launched a few years ago, but it seems quaint compared to all the options for sale today. There are currently 21 products available on Amazon Web Services, and only one of them is the classic EC2 machine, an abbreviation of the full name, the Elastic Compute Cloud. The original S3 (Simple Storage Service) now has cousins like the Simple Workflow Service and SimpleDB, a non-relational data store.

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Business Intelligence can spearhead achieving 'Relevant IT'

There are many for whom IT is essential for keeping in pace with business. It means that IT has aligned itself with the strategies of the organization, but in practice, this is far from the truth, especially when it comes to the SME sector. With SMEs, this is even truer, and over the past two years, how IT can create value for an SME – the research and its outcomes has been labelled “Relevant IT”.

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Cross platform Mobile apps development is definitely an essential tool

Nowadays, there is a large variety of smart phones having distinct OS of their own. We have iOS, Android, Bada (Samsung), Symbian, Blackberry, Windows mobile and HP webOS etc. iOS is the king now but what if Android dominates the market in few years time or what if you build expertise in Blackberry thinking it will pick up steam but it does not. So if you are a smart phone app developer you are left unsure as to which technology to go for and build expertise in app development.

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Becoming the verb for Enterprise Collaboration

The messages that are self-destructing and photo apps are getting quite a good attention. As we know that most of the data breaches are accidental and couldn’t be premeditated, which has profound implications for enterprise collaboration. In the enterprise, as more and more information flows outside the firewall, CIOs and business professionals need a way to freely share information while always having it remain firmly within their control. Solving this apparent paradox is the secret to widespread adoption of enterprise collaboration solutions.

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