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SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

Corporate Oct 13, 2015

SCORM Offline Player e-learning Innovation Technology SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

e-Learning anytime & anywhere

Digital has the power to transform how learning is provided and consumed. To make optimum use of the new and exciting possibilities offered by mobile offline learning does not always easy. From infrastructure, ecosystem and user experience, businesses must take great care to develop digital products that truly add to both the customer's learning experience as well as brand's bottom line.

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Latest from e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center is ‘The SCORM Offline Player’. This hottest offering from the kilns of e-Zest’s IP and Innovation Center works upon solving the problems of accessibility and traceability of one of the biggest content-standards in e-Learning today. It creates the right kind of ecosystem to support new digital learning experiences through offline SCORM. The product makes SCORM relevant in today’s scenario.

The product received a significant impetus recently getting shortlisted under ‘Most Innovative New e-Learning Product’ category at the e-Learning Awards 2015 which will be held in London’s Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on November 25. The rounds involved submitting a write-up followed by a presentation and a demo to some of the leading minds in e-Learning today.

A little about how it works

The SCORM Offline Player converts SCORM packages to mobile apps that can run offline. It is one of the few e-Learning products that completely revolutionizes the delivery of content without needing new installations and engines.

So, how does this benefit!

e-Learning content creators and technology providers like Learning Management Systems and marketplace companies can enhance the reach and adoption of their existing content, without breaking the bank.

The SCORM Offline Player has already seen some traction in the aviation and the oil-and-gas industry. Employees of such industries are often faced with the difficulty accessing their training content due to lack of internet connectivity and an LMS access, two fundamental things that a SCORM course typically needs. The SCORM Offline Player offers them their SCORM content in the form of mobile apps that they can carry around making their content accessible anytime, anywhere.

The makers of this product also kept in mind the necessity of syncing all SCORM parameters to the backend. Hence the product tracks the users, even when they are offline, and pushes all the offline tracking information to the backend.

The team that is hard at work behind this product also provides support for the apps that the product creates. There are custom development services that modify SCORM courses for all form factors making them responsive for their intended devices.

The entire gamut of e-Learning services coupled with offline SCORM offer much needed change in the capabilities of one of the biggest e-Learning standards today.

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