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Enhancing your learning metrics for SCORM on mobile

SCORM offers an impressive set of tracking features in their specifications. The SCORM specs on the official ADL website show that there is a vast array of tracking data that is not even being used by existing courses today. There are very intricate parameters that courses don’t just need today and they make do with the more traditional, oft-used variables. 

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SCORM and Mobile: Making them work


SCORM’s most important promise lies in content portability. The idea was to have a standard that allows instruction designers, LMSs and learners to seamlessly integrate into one learning experience. SCORM was able to discharge its promises diligently up to a point in time. The growth of the World Wide Web allowed learners to truly access content anytime, anywhere. SCORM courses became the de facto standard of e-learning. If you were doing SCORM, it was pretty easy for you to serve your learners in different parts of the world.
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5 steps to enhance the reach of your SCORM content

The SCORM standard is still an important option that organizations consider while devising their training agendas. The courses that are then churned out with much hopes of boosting productivity, engaging the workforce and at least, meeting training milestones, are often seen going ‘out of fashion’ quickly. It is not just the evolving content needs that render the existing course outdated. Skilled instruction designers are able to garner all the training requirements and extrapolate them to ensure scalability. This way, the content stays relevant even going ahead. But then, SCORM courses have begun sporting frighteningly low shelf-lives.
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Moving your SCORM courses to mobile

SCORM is one of the popular standards widely adopted in LMS industry. However with propagation of new technologies, learners are keen to leverage mobile technology. Having content compliant with SCORM standards can be perplexing and may give rise to lot of difficulties such as how SCORM content can work on mobile devices? 

There are lots of benefits provided by traditional desktop applications compatible with SCORM standards. However, having your SCORM courses compatible with mobile devices can enable learners to leverage latest technologies and widespread the use of mobile devices.  

No doubt, SCORM is excellent but it has inadequate features which makes it incompatible to run on mobile devices. Developing SCORM compliant content for mobile devices from scratch can be cumbersome and would require lot of efforts. This process might eventually end up in lot of monetary investment and waste of time.  

Consider developing a desktop application and then developing the same for mobile with different features. Isn’t it time consuming? Furthermore, there is no flexibility in reusing functionality just because it is not compatible with mobile platform. All of your efforts are just squandered because the developed application is not compatible with different devices.  

So, what can be the solution to save all of your cost and time efforts and still deliver your SCORM content on mobile devices?  

The SCORM offline player is especially designed to fulfill your needs. SCORM offline player enhances the way content is delivered, supported and managed. It is one of the best solutions to enable SCORM-compliant courses to run on mobile devices with lots of functionality at lower costs. It is one powerful tool to deliver extensive features which can enable you to deliver content across the globe.  

SCORM offline player is well-suited in the era of mobile learning. Organizations are rapidly moving towards mobility and are creating a mobile workforce to streamline the processes and increase productivity. So if you have yet not decided to move your SCORM content to mobile, then this is the time.
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SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

e-Learning anytime & anywhere

Digital has the power to transform how learning is provided and consumed. To make optimum use of the new and exciting possibilities offered by mobile offline learning does not always easy. From infrastructure, ecosystem and user experience, businesses must take great care to develop digital products that truly add to both the customer's learning experience as well as brand's bottom line.

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