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Responsive design driving the mobile learning industry

Abhishek Mishra Dec 19, 2016

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Considering the last decade, adoption of mobile devices has increased rapidly. There is hardly any industry not leveraging the benefits offered by mobile devices. Organizations are also considering mobile devices in the workplace to provide flexibility and convenience to employees in terms of learning and education.

As learning on mobile devices offers employees easy access to the training content, they tend to face lot of challenges. Considering the past scenario, content was mainly viewed on desktop and that is no longer the case. Currently, training content is viewed on multiple devices like tablet, Kindle, smartphones etc as it provides ease of use and accessibility.

However to eliminate the challenges, it is vital to make your learning content responsive. In other words, training content must be flexibly designed in order to adjust automatically according to the screen size of mobile devices. Furthermore, responsive design facilitates the organizations with BYOD policy to save money by encouraging the training participation.  

Additionally, with responsive content, learners are able to focus on the content rather than navigating other apps and features. Responsive design provides the learner with an ability to start their training on a particular device and transition it to some other device in order to finish it.  

So, if you are still not certain about considering responsive design for your learning content, then you need to check this out. Every employee in an organization has one or the other mobile devices. However, if they are compelled to use the office desktop for training they may feel outmoded and this might eventually result in poor training participation. In addition, your training objectives might remain incomplete.

You can leverage a lot of benefits if you consider designing your training content in responsive way. Though there might be some additional efforts required, it is worth giving a shot. However, consulting a third party partner can be favorable who can guide you to incorporate your courses in responsive design. 

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