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Mobile learning – Dodge misconceptions and welcome possibilities

Abhishek Mishra Dec 12, 2016

mobile learning Myths of mobile learning

Mobile learning is still a fresh concept to lot of people and hence they are bit skeptical about the benefits offered by it. The misconceptions are hampering mobile learning advancement, especially in the workplace by blocking its adoption 

In this blog I have mentioned few general misconceptions people have regarding mobile learning.   

  • Mobile learning means learning on mobile devices:  
    This is one of the biggest misconceptions which requires alteration. Smartphones are not only the devices that can be used for learning. Mobile learning entails learning on handheld devices such has Kindles, tablets, netbooks or laptops too 
  • Just learning on the go:  
    Yes, this might be true but to some extent! Learning on the go using your mobile device can allow you to access your learning content while you are commuting to work in the bus or having a tea break, waiting in a queue or sitting on your favorite couch at office.  
  • Content on mobile devices is not secure:  
    It is true that mobile devices have more chances of getting stolen as compared to the desktops. However, the security measures such as password protection, remote wiping of data etc. can be taken to avoid this kind of inconvenience. 
  • Mobile devices are huge distraction:  
    Distraction is one of the common notion often stated with learning. The notification feature along with other apps loaded on mobile devices can be a distraction. However, it is not the fault of the mobile devices. If a good quality content is offered to learners, they are likely to get glued by the content on the device rather than the device itself.  
  • Mobile learning is expensive:  
    It is one of the usual misconceptions. Mobile devices have become a very affordable option today wherein everybody can easily buy it. Likewise, developing content for mobile can also be done with much lesser investment as compared to the traditional learning method, as the content once developed can be distributed n number of times across all platforms.  

In the epoch of digitization, learning industry is evolving and transforming into a more flexible one. Mobile learning is the future, so instead of focusing on fears it is necessary to consider the opportunities offered by it.  

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