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Quick summary of Windows Developer Day – Creators Update

Corporate Feb 11, 2017

Microsoft Windows Developers day Creator update

The October teaser of Windows 10 Creators Update has raised the curiosity and new possibilities that would greet world on Windows Developers Day. And February 8’s event didn’t disappoint the developer community.

Kevin Gallo, the Corporate VP of Windows developer, hosted the event and mentioned, how developer-focused features are going to benefit the developers. He also stated, one can leverage complete benefits of SDK by becoming a Windows Insider.

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is going to open ways for developers to take the advantage of full power of PC. The apps built on this are going to have a great experience across multiple devices, form factors and input modalities.The Desktop Bridge for Windows provides a feature to call UWP API, and at the same time to be distributed and updated via Windows Store. Thus, you can ensure that end users are running the latest versions of the application leveraging store’s ability to deliver easy and automated upgrades.

Vincent Hardy, from Adobe Systems, revealed how Adobe XD app with great user interface and excellent functionality is accessible on multiple devices.

Kevin also introduced new apps namely Evernote, Photoscape, X Pro, and KODI amongst 330 windows apps and games that were added to Windows store during the initial days of Windows store launch.

Todd Anglin from, Progress joined Kevin on stage, where he talked about Telerik, used by developers to build powerful business applications with easy to use UI components. Todd expressed, Telerik being popular amongst developers is now open source and easily available on Github and as NuGet packages.

Developers are also going to get to play with Windows Holographic Platform to bring 3D capabilities to the applications and games with new update. Importantly, the 3D capabilities are not limited to just Hololens, but it will be made available to wide range of mixed-reality headsets.

The bots, which are the new rage buzz, can be integrated with applications easily now, thanks to the Cortana Skills Set, Microsoft Bots Framework and LUIS.

People use different devices across the whole day and they expect same experience through the applications irrespective of operating system, device or form factor. To address this issue Microsoft is building UWP capability, through Project Rome, with which users would get seamless experience across devices. Rome provides cross-device services that enables users start activity on one device and take it on another device, including Android devices, without any hiccup.

The event progressed with demo of various new services that are going live in coming few months. This included, Store Service APIs to understand the performance of your app with analytics and telemetry, flighting, automated submissions and ad campaigns. Furthermore, updated services for improving the user engagement using A/B and targeted push notifications were also demonstrated in the event.

Other powerful add-ons were added to Windows Developers which comprised of Windows SDK for Google Analytics, a real-time analytics tool and Facebook App Install Ads that are available in UWP apps.

Microsoft is clearly attempting to go more open, bring best of the latest technologies and become more entrenched in to our lives with its latest Creators Update.

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