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O2mania at Walkathon

Mandar Thosar Jun 10, 2008

Team e-Zest Prayas

On a rainy Sunday morning e-Zest gathered at Shaniwar wada to join the league committed towards environmental activities. The local NGO 'Alert' had called all Puneits for Cycle Rally and Walkathon in green cause.

e-Zest with all its O2mania volunteers participated in the rally to support the cause. e-Zest is already observing second and forth Friday as environmental day where team members commute on foot or bicycles on that day.

Debanjan had organized everything that was required to make this walkathon a success. Many people participated in the rally and high percentage of people participation from e-Zest helped number to cross thousand's figure.  It was around 6 KMS Walkathon and 10 KMS of Cycle rally.

e-Zest is proud to had its youngest participant, merely 9 months old, enjoying his presence in the rally. This little baby of Devendra was especially called and rewarded a sapling by the Mayor of Pune city.

e-Zest O2maniacs enjoyed every single step of the rally with strong commitment towards making a world better place to live. 

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