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IT plays a strategic role in Digital Business Transformation

Sneha Oct 30, 2017

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Digital transformation has been going on since the merging of IT and business in the 1970s, or even before. But what is driving the latest, and most disruptive, wave of change, is the amount of information now being captured, analyzed and understood. These insights are changing the way we do business and interact with customers. 

Previous phases of digital evolution laid the foundations, but the era of the Internet of Things, mobility, data analytics, mobile payments, security– with everything connected are the milestones for Digital Business Transformation.  

As new business models emerge, the ability to securely access information from multiple sources becomes more critical than ever. Balancing these security and privacy concerns are a vital issue. Technology changes things – it allows big enterprise customers to do things they could never do before - connecting deeply without having any privacy issues. 

As companies aspire to develop new business models and create new revenue streams, they need a simple yet flexible way to manage their IT ecosystems and software investments.  

Businesses need simplified access to ongoing innovation. Either digital or otherwise, transformation is not a process which is commenced, completed and laid to rest. Staying on the cutting-edge demands consistent investment in analysis, tools and training.  

Businesses are on this journey of Digital Transformation and no one really knows what they are going to need as their needs and requirements will change with time. Whatever they decide to do at the start will probably change – because things change so rapidly.  

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