Have good UX to drive your Digital Commerce success

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Digital commerce is changing the pace of accelerating with new innovation, intelligence and technologies that can have an effect on business. This environment demands a new approach to commerce that impacts more dynamic market factors such as competitor activity, supplier relationships and consumer behavior.  

UX of all is the foremost priority today, and online retailers should carry out more regular user experience (UX) reviews of their websites to capitalize on new revenue opportunities in an industry constantly in a flux. 

There is a need for change in the mind set to keep up with the rate of change within the industry. A smaller number of companies review their UX every 12 months which is a standard norm. However, a more regular approach to UX review – once every quarter will ensure retailers maintain a competitive edge and a happier customer base.  

However, retailers usually don't get the required time or resources to dedicate to the on-going improvements to their digital commerce platform. This is why it’s very crucial to take the help of experts – either external digital agencies or independent consultants. These experts come with a broader knowledge of UX, they have their finger on the pulse of new technologies and depth of experience in building different types of website. Branding and UX workshops can also be leveraged to add body to the data structures. Testing the changes before they are taken live, brainstorming brand values and translating these into elements that resonate with the target audience defines your success in digital commerce. By making frequent and gradual updates, backed up by data and testing, one can feel more confident that their UX will be more impactful and rewarding. 

The goal of good UX is to give shoppers the best possible experience so they continue to explore the brand and make a purchase. Waiting for a website to become outdated, incompatible or stop working does not help to protect the business bottom line or customer base. 

Ultimately, building a good UX is all about futureproofing a business; investing time to continually improve a website in order to delight customers. As the old adage goes, “trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.” Taking the website's performance for granted can put a brand’s whole reputation at risk. Instead of following the herd and move blindly without any direction, retailers need to have confidence in their own brand with a good sense how they want to be perceived, and how that can translate into a good user experience. The best UX feels human, is fluid, and seamless. 

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