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#HackathonPune Highlights – Day 2

Corporate Jun 25, 2016

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Day one of our #HackathonPune was so much fun, thanks to the peppy band performance and enthusiasm of the participants.

Our day two at #HackathonPune started with an amazing stretching session by Sunil Dane, Director and Founder of e-Zest. Sunil’s drive during the session was really excellent, which boosted the enthusiasm and revitalized the moods of the participants. The “Zingaat Break” was electrifying, where the participants adjourned themselves from the coding rounds and danced on the tunes of few songs. 

Participating teams have presented their demos. The newly developed bot applications were mostly of Facebook and Slack messenger. The judges selected the winning team based on the usefulness, completeness and coolness as well as the possibilities to further expand the apps in various environments. The “Music Bot” team exactly met the standards and was awarded the first prize. They created a bot for playing music which was very brilliant. The “Magic Bot” and “Mike Messenger” team were the runners up for the bot building application. Every team that participated received free Telerik license for 6 months and github goodies. 

There was a special category for “Best #HackathonPune Startup” and it was given to “Mike Messenger”. Whilst, Scrum Alliance round table conference was organized, where the key members of the Scrum Alliance foundation, engaged individuals by educating them on the upcoming opportunities and certifications knowledge regarding the Scrum Alliance framework. The members of Scrum Alliance who were present were Renne Myzk, Lisa Reeder, Daniel Gullo and Stephen Forte.

Along with #HackathonPune and Scrum Alliance, we had arranged Startup-Pitch where all the Startups were given an opportunity to present their business pitches in front of the chief investors especially Stepehen Forte.  

Responses and videos of the event can be viewed on Twitter under the #HackathonPune hashtags. 

The 24-hour #HackathonPune was superb! It gave tremendous opportunities for learning, collaborating and flourishing creativity.

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