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Being of age and commencing our digital adulthood

Corporate Aug 13, 2018

News & Events OLIVZ Foundation Day 2018 Philia 2018

We have turned 18, and adulthood has commenced. We took a whole week to celebrate this milestone, to appreciate our team members and everyone else who contributed to this accomplishment.

From games, and fun gigs, to themed-attires we ensured the celebrations were never dull.

Relatively easy to follow, the week kicked off with a Black and White Monday, where every team member honored the theme of the day with a look of a serious demeanor. A charity fun fair was put on by our team to raise money for a local charity. Team members put on individual and team game and food booths. Everything was sold out!

Retro-day was a hit! Team Members dug deep into their wardrobe and picked the perfect clothing items to mix-match and complete their vintage-retro look. Traditional day showcased the diversity of our company. From traditional Marathi drapes to Assamese ensemble, to Persian garb, our team members were dressed in their ethnic best. Twin and classy days were also popular sells during the week.

All the festivities were diligently organized. There was a soul to it all, a soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. But it was definitely Friday that stole the show! Bringing our company values “OLIVZ” to life, Philia opened its doors to the festivities. The event commenced with entertaining performances, a reception and prize distribution recognizing the winners of the week-long gigs and also exceptional service of team members. Performances too reflected the diversity of the company. Old and young, fresher and veterans, everyone participated in the festivities.

e-Zest’s 18th Foundation week with an array of cultural and artistic components was significant also in the sense that hereon begins a new era.

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