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Digital commerce: It’s time for enterprises to rethink!

Mandar Thosar Jan 14, 2017

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Digital commerce has taken the world by storm and there is just no stopping it. However, digital commerce is also reshaping business models by discarding traditional methods. Earlier, when people had to buy something, they usually visited the store nearby and were able locate the store by looking at the signboards. Presently, digitization has totally transformed the way people shop and have forced enterprises to rethink upon their business strategy.  

With respect to transformation, most of the enterprises are all set to ride on the digital wave. Enterprises are leveraging digital commerce to acquire more customers, drive customer relationship and generate more revenue. However, with these new beginnings enterprises have to face a lot of challenges which can readily impact their digital commerce business.  

  • A huge network of resellers can complicate the selling procedure in terms of operational and technical process.  
  • Another challenge is, enterprises are looking to provide services and products in a seamless and accessible manner. Also, they are launching new products and services in an accelerated way to acquire more customers. This situation entails instant access to the pre-sales material and evaluation products.  
  • Finally, owing to the technical evolution, customers are technically sound and have high expectations considering social, mobile and web platform.

In order to overcome these challenges, enterprises must work upon their business strategy in this digital age instead of focusing on the technology strategy. Enterprises must take measures to make their digital commerce work along with inspiring and engaging the customers.  

For instance, an online shopping company might involve ‘n’ number of partners and resellers for a particular product or category. Having wide-range of partners and resellers, various process are followed to ensure consistent delivery to the customer. These processes are geologically systematized and are arranged according to the  culture, currency, compliances and other factors. Enterprises must figure out ways to engage with their customers directly without hampering their partner system. In addition, enterprises must provide some tools to their partners so that they can execute the business process seamlessly.  

To achieve success in the world of digital commerce, a vigilant business planning is essential. Along with it, operational brilliance, great customer experience, and a technological architecture which is flexible enough can help the enterprises to meet their current and future needs.

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