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Digital commerce: It’s time for enterprises to rethink!

Digital commerce has taken the world by storm and there is just no stopping it. However, digital commerce is also reshaping business models by discarding traditional methods. Earlier, when people had to buy something, they usually visited the store nearby and were able locate the store by looking at the signboards. Presently, digitization has totally transformed the way people shop and have forced enterprises to rethink upon their business strategy.  

With respect to transformation, most of the enterprises are all set to ride on the digital wave. Enterprises are leveraging digital commerce to acquire more customers, drive customer relationship and generate more revenue. However, with these new beginnings enterprises have to face a lot of challenges which can readily impact their digital commerce business.  

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Tips to deliver successful projects

Managing offshored projects can often overwhelm our global clients. They have to work with offshore teams across time zones with the lack of face to face interaction. At times they even lack the knowledge of offshore cultural background. All these factors add to the already complex nature of the project. It is not always possible to work seamlessly like a cohesive co-located team in a virtual team setup (globally located teams). Below are some simple tips that have come from my experience of delivering successful fixed price projects from offshore that can help any organization deliver successful projects across the globe –

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