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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 - Press for Progress

Corporate Mar 08, 2018

News & Events International Womens Day

Women at e-Zest celebrated their day with gusto. HR ensured that female team members felt special by leaving a rose thoughtfully on their desk. Breakfast and lunch gatherings ensued leaving the men wondering if a day to celebrate them would ever dawn!

Given the growing importance of fitness and grooming in India, and the mounting involvement of women in these fields, the committee organizing the Women’s Day Celebration ensured that this trend was welcomed at e-Zest as well.

“Fitness was a natural choice for a theme for Women’s Day. The HR team was keen to see how female team members would respond to a group fitness activity, as we have been discussing about making fitness a regular gig at e-Zest,” said Priya Nag, Assistant Manager HR.

Female team members were encouraged to adopt a healthy and holistic lifestyle with activities such as aerobics and the launch of Be Diva, an initiative of a female team member to transform mentality and lifestyle of her fellow team members. The program that started post lunch saw over 50 women participating in a group workout led by a member of Folk Fitness, followed by healthy refreshments and cake!

Mariam Abuhaideri organized the ‘Be Diva’ activity where she stressed on the importance of grooming and a classy lifestyle.

“It is heart-breaking to see so many women ignore themselves in the process of caring for their families. With women getting involved in professional fields like IT, I cannot stress on the significance of grooming and etiquette. This is why I founded Be Diva,” she said.

All is well that ends well. The Women’s Day celebration was one event that united women of e-Zest and one that encouraged a healthy outlook toward life in a light-hearted manner.

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