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Making Payment Method Visible Only For Admin in Magento 2


Payment methods such as cash-on-delivery and check/money order need to visible in the admin-panel check-out section and not in the front-end for the customer. Magento 2 provides dynamic functionality to implement this using plugins.

Using one such plugin, we can restrict the payment method to display not on front-end and Admin section. Let us see how!

First you need to create di.xml in your module and add below dependency injections for “Cash On Delivery” and “Check/Moneyorder” payment method.

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How to add custom image attribute for customer in Magento 2?


Magento has a lot of core functionalities that we can we use for our project requirements. One of them has Magento 2 EE providing the custom customer attribute with the different formats like Text, File, Image (via Dropdown or Multi-select) etc.

We can use the customer image custom attribute as per our requirement but that image attribute doesn’t have the default UI Component functionality like uploading product images.

In order to achieve that functionality for customer custom attribute, we can follow the below steps.

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