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Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 26, 2018

Shopping from the palm of your hand

The future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omnichannel or pop-up shops. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media consumerism is growing at light speed, retail entrepreneurs are skipping the computer altogether and instead displaying and selling products exclusively via the smartphone.

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Innovation stories making headlines

Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?

e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology has been compromised by cybercriminals, until after the breach. Nothing is bulletproof, not even standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). However, it at least offers some defense.

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Processing and Analyzing an IOT data with Azure Stream Analytics

In the era of digital transformation we have to deal with ample amount of data originating from various sensors/IOT devices, which in turn actually makes it difficult to process and segregate the data because of its high complex nature. Thus processing this data to generate meaningful information becomes a primary concern. Microsoft Azure gives the best solutions for your IOT devices. Thanks to AZURE stream analytics to make it easy for us to process and present the data.

Topics: Stream Analytics IOT devices Microsoft Azure IOT hub

Managing your future with a Technology Partner

This blog is meant to be an abridged guide to help you pick the right technology management partner.

It is a no-brainer that digital is the way to go. Yet, businesses shy away from realizing that they need to budget for digitization to be able to swim to the shores.
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ASP.NET Core App using EF Core and SQLite database


The tutorial covers a basic example of how to build a simple API in ASP.NET Core using Entity Framework Core and SQLite as the database provider.

Topics: ASP.NET Entity Framework Core SQLite

Taking your sensor’s data to AZURE IoT hub

Internet Of Things aka IOT is gaining its popularity ever since its inception as we can see. Everything is being IOTized now in order to centralize and streamline the data coming from variety of sources. In a single line IOT can be defined as any device that lets you connect to the internet with the help of just one switch. Raspberry pi is gaining its popularity among developers because of its simple design and plug-and-play connectivity. Since Raspberry Pi is providing you an ability to interface hardware and visualize the data being received from your sensor over its GUI, it is slowly making its way to stand first among the crowd of different prototyping devices in the market. Here goes the glimpse of process flow on how to take your sensor’s data to that of the cloud.
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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 24, 2018

eCommerce can thrive without electricity

With rugged terrain, limited access to electricity and poor internet connection, Papua New Guinea faces challenges to achieving its goal of bridging the digital divide. They are harnessing the power of the Blockchain to help their residents have access to financial services.

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Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?

e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology has been compromised by cybercriminals, until after the breach. Nothing is bulletproof, not even standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). However, it at least offers some defense.

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Three days of Microsoft OpenHack data and IoT

It is always an honor and great experience when we participate in a Microsoft event. Recently my colleague, Prasad and I from our office got an opportunity to attend an open-hack event organized by Microsoft. It was scheduled at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Mumbai. I would describe the experience as an excellent opportunity to interact with professionals working with or at Microsoft who are also contributors to Azure services. Both of us got an opportunity to explore different AZURE IOT/AI and storage related services and an opportunity to work with people from different organizations.
Topics: Microsoft IoT MS OpenHack

e-Zest Solutions Becomes Oracle Gold Level Partner

e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, today broadcasted that it has attained the Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Through this partnership, Oracle acknowledges e-Zest for its promise to institute Oracle associated knowledge for distinctively addressing the challenges of enterprise customers.

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Microsoft organized App Innovation Workshops at e-Zest

It’s always a full house when Microsoft organizes workshops. e-Zest collaborated with Microsoft and Pune User Group (PUG) as a partner for the App Innovation Workshop series. With three engaging workshops on Cloud, Xamarin, and DevOps, presenters were able to enlighten the participants, mainly IT professionals of Pune on employing these trending technologies as they build apps.
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Tech Digest Week 23

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GitHub acquisition: A tectonic shift in the global IT industry

Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition deal worth $7.5 billion is a groundbreaking shift in the global IT industry. Microsoft executives have confirmed that GitHub will operate independently and retain its open source identity.

With this all-stock acquisition, Microsoft is expected to prioritize integration with Azure, giving a massive boost to Azure-based DevOps. Such a close integration can pose challenges for developers working with competing platforms such as Amazon and Google.
Topics: GitHub Microsoft Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition

Highlights from App Innovation Workshop on DevOps

With a full house at Microsoft’s second App Innovation Workshop on DevOps held at our premises, we are excited to present the third in the series- Xamarin. The technical workshop series is presented by SMEs from the Pune User Group (PUG) and provides members of the tech community with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Microsoft’s platforms through hands-on exercises and knowledge sharing.

Our first workshop on Cloud was held on May 18 with several team members from e-Zest facilitating, followed by a hands-on DevOps workshop on June 1 presided primarily by DevOps Consultant and Microsoft MVP Gouri Sohoni.

With things innovating at the speed of light around us, it is workshops like these that keep developers constantly up to date with the new toy in the market. For more information about our Xamarin workshop and to register visit: https://t.co/sLo7gylUq6

Topics: Microsoft DevOps

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 22, 2018

New PCI compliance requirements. Is your e-Commerce business ready?

With June 30 rapidly approaching, it is time to start migrating to TSL 1.1 or 1.2. If you haven’t already, here are the steps needed to get your online payments compliant before the deadline.

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