Tech stories for you – Week 9, 2016


Topics: Technology

Control your costs with Microsoft Azure

There are many public and private cloud computing platforms available today. While you evaluate the features and abilities of each of these platforms for your business, it is important to keep in mind the cost element. You want a platform which allows you to make the most of its resources while reducing your costs for computing resources and cost of IT administration. And which is the cloud platform which helps you achieve this and much more? Well, Microsoft Azure, is clearly ahead in the race now!

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Achieve Digital Transformation with Azure Cloud


According to a recent survey by IDC, two-thirds of CEOs across the world will have digital transformation as a key agenda for their business. And why not? With digitization, your business has a chance to be 30% more profitable than your peers. And whenever you talk about digital transformation, you just cannot ignore the cloud. Cloud really lays the foundation for digital transformation. And if you to zero in one cloud stack which offers everything a growing business needs, Azure is the only name that comes to my mind.

Topics: Digital Tranformation Azure Cloud

Why should CEOs invest in Microsoft Azure?


Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, has truly set the cloud game on fire. Offering an increasingly growing collection of integrated services, Microsoft Azure has been adopted by 57% of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Countless other mid-sized companies and startups have also embraced the platform. As a CEO of a business looking to move to the cloud, Azure offers the best bang for the buck.

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Technology stories handpicked for you – Week 8, 2016


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Integration of Jasper Report – PHP CodeIgniter Web Framework

If you are dealing with billing or management projects where reporting is required with simple pdf formatted files, you need a quick way to interact with jasper reports along with tcpdf helper class file in PHP CodeIgniter Framework. Here’s how you can integrate Jasper Report with PHP CodeIgniter Web Framework:

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App Transport Security: A Primer

App Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP (http://) resource load since it is insecure. Temporary exceptions can be configured via your app's Info.plist file.

Topics: iOS security

e-Zest successfully showcases SCORM Offline Player in Learning Technologies Exhibition 2016

e-Zest successfully participated in the recently held Learning Technologies (LT) Exhibition and Conference 2016 in Olympia, London. The event is the largest, most popular and relevant exhibition and conference for organizational learning and the technologies used to support learning at work. e-Zest showcased its learning offerings including the popular SCORM Offline Player which was received very well by the participants.

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 7, 2016


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e-Zest celebrates Bloggers Party 2015


In order to celebrate the spirit of blogging, e-Zest celebrated the annual Bloggers Party today. Themed on The Justice League, the event recognized the bloggers of e-Zest as the true superheroes of e-Zest who help spread brand e-Zest to the world.

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#RIPTwitter? Not anytime soon

twitter-1077697_1280.jpgHaving enjoyed Twitter as the social network of my choice over the past 7 years, hashtags like #RIPTwitter worry me. Such was the outcry over Twitter’s supposedly changing timeline, that CEO Jack Dorsey himself had to turn to his Twitter account yesterday and dismiss speculations about the future of Twitter.

Topics: Social media

How to get started with Digital Experience Engineering at your company?

Businesses are increasingly relying on technology for daily activities. Digital solutions can help businesses align with their customer needs and devise newer strategies to grow their business. Today, digital platforms are enabling businesses to develop newer ways to build, transfer, operate and communicate with stakeholders.

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Learning Technologies Conference Day 2

The second day of the Learning Technologies conference was marked with more ideas about mobile learning and mobile content delivery. Day 2 was packed with more energy, interest and of course, learning.

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 6, 2016


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e-Zest sees great traction on Day 1 of Learning Technologies Exhibition

Day 1 of Learning Technologies Exhibition at Olympia, London saw some of the best players in the learning industry, proudly display what they had for the learning world to see. e-Zest also showcased its learning offerings, maintaining its firm position on the importance of digital experience engineering for e-learning.

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e-Zest to showcase SCORM Offline Player at Learning Technologies conference

e-Zest is set to showcase its SCORM Offline Player at Learning Technologies Conference held in Olympia, London on February 3-4, 2016. The conference is Europe’s largest L&D event and showcases the best in learning technologies, resources and systems.

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