How to be happy at your workplace?

Working at Google sounds like a dream job for many, thanks to the employee benefits that come with a job at the company. At other Fortune 500 companies as well, employers provide some of the best benefits and perks to their employees. At the same time, some non-standard benefits (benefits given in addition to salary and other perks) force employees to spend more time at work resulting in poor work-life balance. The point I am trying to make is that even the best profile may not really be the best fit for everyone.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 26, 2015

Top Technology Stories week 26

Trends in Cloud Strategy

Cloud Computing forms a key part of IT strategies across enterprises today. This year, many enterprise workloads will move to the cloud. The hybrid cloud computing model will also gain traction this year. The enterprise applications will also be cloud optimized.

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Spotify acquires a Data Analytics startup

To counter pressure from streaming music services such as Apple Music and Google Play music, Spotify acquired a small data analytics startup. The startup Seed Scientific used to work earlier with Beats Music, which was later absorbed by Apple. This move should presumably help Spotify improve its song recommendations, help musicians better connect with fans and generate targeted ads.

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Now Advanced Threat Analytics part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft has recently added Advanced Threat Analytics to its Enterprise Mobility Suite. The suite is a subscription service containing Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management and Intune. Advanced Threat Analytics will help businesses black attacks by identify and analyzing normal and abnormal behaviour. The technology comes from Israeli cybersecurity startup Aorato which Microsoft acquired last year.

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Collaboration makes your business a social enterprise

Social tools are more than just Facebook and Twitter. Social collaboration tools can transform the way work gets done across enterprises. Organizations can integrate goal-based, role-based or cloud-based collaboration into their computing fabric. Social business networks help team members to collaborate securely across departments, offices and locations.

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How cloud is impacting mobility?

The mobile revolution has completely shaken up the business ecosystem. A huge part of the success of the new-age mobile platforms goes to the cloud. Without a healthy collection of cloud-based services, the mobile world would have looked very different now. In fact, research has estimated that it will be a $50 Billion market by 2020.

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AD user migration from Local DC to AAD

I have written this blog detailing processes to sync your local active directory with Azure.

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Tech stories making the rounds - Week 25, 2015

Technology stories week 25

Cloud Computing with Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is entering the cloud computing fray in the US through strategic partnerships with domestic businesses. Aliyun, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba, wants to expand its service without investing in localized infrastructure. The e-commerce giant has partnered with seven companies including Intel and Singtel. This initiative is a part of Alibaba's Marketplace Alliance Program, which utilizes partners to deliver cloud services for the international market. This will further increase competition among cloud powerhouses - Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM.

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Debunking Big Data and Hadoop myths

Every business wants to cash in on the Big Data Analytics wave. Big Data is delivering a huge competitive advantage for companies worldwide. To make the most of it, businesses need to look beyond some of the myths surrounding this technology. For instance, many technologists think that the tools used for Big Data are completely new or are solving a completely new problem. That is normally not the case.

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What’s on Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility is a key area for many businesses. However, companies are at varying maturity levels when it comes to mobility strategies. The best strategies take into account the risk and benefits associated with enterprise mobility such as apps, BYOD policies, integration with backend systems, among other factors. Another important area is enterprise mobility management. Mobile Device Management (MDM) has given way to the more comprehensive enterprise mobility management.

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Collaboration Market set to grow at 9.4% CAGR till 2019

A recent study has indicated that Enterprise Collaboration market to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% between the years 2015-2019. With communication within organizations becoming more complex, businesses increasingly need access to IT tools that improve communication, productivity and efficiency. Vendors in this space should provide enterprise suites that bring together the various stakeholders of a business seamlessly.

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Offline Avenues to Further Your Application Reach

The potential reach of businesses has been transformed with the advent of affordable mobile devices. Customers, previously unreachable, are now showing up as fast-increasing dots on the radar. Having a mobile phone and a number is very common even to those parts of the world, where network connectivity is a problem. Tele-interaction has been able to complement and as some would believe, displace conventional interactions. How long before the classic business handshake is replaced by a digitally signed doc, shared via mobile? People already come back and check if a store has a website or at least some web footprint.

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Implementation of ETL testing in BI software applications

Nowadays, many organizations are use Business Intelligence (BI) to make strategic decisions with expectations of achieving competitive benefits for their business. BI software is usually created with the help of data warehouses and data marts which collect data from other applications, flat files, CRMs, websites, big data stores and data sources. BI is a procedure of collecting raw data which required for business and converting it into useful and meaningful information which can be further used for data analysis, mining, reporting, predicting and interpretive analysis.

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e-Zest organizes blood donation drive

Blood donation

e-Zestians are known for commitment towards their work. However, yet another facet of e-Zest team members is their commitment to social causes. Keeping up with the tradition of contributing to the society, e-Zest conducted a blood donation drive at its Kothrud and Hinjewadi offices recently. The camp was held in association with Jehangir Hospital, Pune and Apollo Munich Health insurance Company.

Many team members enthusiastically participated in the camp. e-Zest has organized many blood donation camps and the turnout in this camp was no different. Participants also encouraged their team members to donate blood at the camp.

Devendra Deshmukh, CEO of e-Zest who has been instrumental in encouraging the practice said, “Donating blood is akin to saving lives. In the flow of our daily lives, sometimes we are unable to give time to worthy causes such as these. A blood donation camp at office gives you the required flexibility to contribute to a noble cause without worrying about work. This is the moment where we all pause and do something good for the society.”

Team members who participated in the camp were extremely satisfied after the donation. It was their own small way of saving someone’s life.

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The Best Tech Stories – Week 24, 2015


Marriage of DevOps and PaaS

The PaaS market is growing rapidly and is estimated to hit $14B by 2017. PaaS was predicted to replace DevOps but both of them continue to work interdependently. The ops team focuses on providing a stable and reliable environment that in turn allows developers to focus on creating code. Maturing PaaS systems recognize and enhance this marriage by enabling an environment of rapid iteration towards a better product. The attraction of managed private PaaS for small, medium, and even large companies is that they can start faster, and with reduced costs. DevOps’ continuous innovation principles—fast fail, rapid cycling, high-velocity agile development–become much more possible when building on the cloud.

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Who will be the winner in the Hadoop market?

It has become very difficult to choose a suitable Big Data vendor from a list. As it stands, Big Data is not just technology for a single application but a game change for the entire business. Data security and analytics functionalities are critical while choosing the right vendor. With cloud and Big Data technologies going hand in hand, Azure is one of the best cloud vendors for Hadoop.

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Enterprise mobility and security

The use of mobile applications for business purposes is increasing day by day. Many employees use a number of devices for their work generating lots of data in the process. BYOD and the Internet of Things are only furthering the trend. While studying the security of the business applications as well as data associated with it, business should focus on three factors - People, Processes and Technology.

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Enterprise Video Collaboration on the rise

Most of the enterprises use audio and mail/chat applications for communication and collaboration among colleagues. Many organizations use Lync, a Microsoft application, for business collaboration. Until now most of the enterprises were in the audio mode of interaction but video collaboration is increasingly getting a push. While constraints such as bandwidth, dedicated infrastructure resources, ease of usage among other factors exist, many employees prefer these video platforms.

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Tutorial: Elasticsearch Integration in a Java Application

The whole world relies on search to get access to relevant information and data. Handling this large amount of data presents a huge challenge. To get relevant data, we hit the database which is an extremely slow process. Moreover, there is a need to separately perform data encryption. Elasticsearch is a great technology which offers fast search results.

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Enabling agile engineering with Big Data

Analytics has the potential to transform your business for it will tell you how high to throw the ball for that winning shot in business. Big Data technologies have become vital for every company's development and evolution and some have learned lessons on how to use them to succeed.

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Apple WWDC: Mac OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 make their debut

Apple made a lot of announcements at the recently held World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). While there were no big surprises, the company had a lot of software announcements to keep everyone interested.

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Tech stories we picked for you - Week 23, 2015

Technology Trends week 23

Cloud a cheaper way of storing data

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