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Google Launches Google Fit App for Android Devices

Tech giant Google has launched a dedicated fitness app for Android devices called Google Fit. The app, using your device’s sensors, will capture all user ...

By Shashank Venkat Oct 30, 2014

Time to ride the m-commerce wave is now

That the rise of the smartphones have changes the entire e-commerce and retail landscape is not a surprising discovery. What is interesting to note here is ...

By Corporate Oct 30, 2014

Scale to fit using Autolayout

In many programing scenarios we face difficulty using Autolayout. We sometimes want subviews in fixed bases or sometimes in the aspect ratio of parent view. ...

By Mugdha Mundhe Oct 29, 2014

The 3 Avatars of Enterprise Mobility?

The mobility bug has well and truly bitten Enterprises worldwide. The appeal is obvious - the growing computing capacity of mobile devices has ensured that ...

By Corporate Oct 28, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 42, 2014

IBM, Microsoft come together for a Cloud Alliance

By Corporate Oct 24, 2014

3D Printing Will Change the World as We Know it

3D printing is changing the world around us at a rapid face. Everything from - cars, houses, heck even food and human organs are being printed. We are also ...

By Shashank Venkat Oct 22, 2014

e-Zest to showcase its offerings in the inaugural CeBIT event in India

CeBIT - the world’s largest Business IT and ICT event – will be held for the first time in the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ Bengaluru from November 12-14, 2014. ...

By Corporate Oct 22, 2014

e-learning and Moodle

e-learning by definition means learning to use electronic media. In this new age of technology, it goes without saying that the use of computers is rampant and ...

By Geetanjali Pukale Oct 21, 2014

The Gastronomic Path towards Charity

With the guiding force of OLIVZ, e-Zest recently undertook a great initiative for a social cause with a little fun twist. Instead of the regular staple ...

By Corporate Oct 18, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 41, 2014

IBM, SAP tie up to offer cloud computing to enterprises

By Corporate Oct 18, 2014

UX Process- The Real Picture

I’m working in the IT sector for couple of years as a UX designer now, and I have come across different types of experiences with various clients. As we ...

By Aashutosh Kulkarni Oct 18, 2014

ImageMagick – the real magic with image

Handling an image and dealing with an image has always been a hurdle for any programmer. Life has undoubtedly become simpler with ImageMagick.

By Geetanjali Pukale Oct 17, 2014

Project Management Simplified with Cricket

As we all know, Cricket is not just a sport in India. It is no less than a religion here, as a huge majority of Indians are ardent followers of this game and ...

By Lijo Varghese Oct 15, 2014

Create Icons with CSS

Dealing with icon images on the web is crucial as it affects performance of the application/website. It is also difficult to modify it and it also loads ...

By Vijay Raut Oct 13, 2014

Digital evolution and the new marketing norm

In this time of technological innovation and digital hyper connectivity, marketers need to make best friends with real time marketing tools. With the rise of ...

By Corporate Oct 10, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 40, 2014

Cloud Computing trumps all other strategic technologies

By Corporate Oct 10, 2014

IBM and Xamarin partnership to boost enterprise mobility

IBM has tied up with Xamarin to help developers build great native apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms which can be easily linked to enterprise ...

By Corporate Oct 10, 2014

Who will set the standards for IoT?

While the title may lead you to think that this a piece which pits the various tech companies against each other, it is not so. For the Internet of Things ...

By Shashank Venkat Oct 08, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 39, 2014

What influences the adoption of cloud computing?

By Corporate Oct 03, 2014

Current trends in mHealth

With the introduction of HealthKit for Apple’s iPhone6, there is going to be a major impact for the overall growth of the healthcare industry. HealthKit allows ...

By Tushar Khirid Oct 01, 2014

Why SCRUM for mobile development?

Managing a mobile project always has its own set of unique challenges just like all the other projects that are meant to be successful in the IT industry. ...

By Aditya Kaole Oct 01, 2014

Apple Pay – Revolutionizing Currency Digitalization

Currency digitalization is a part of this century revolution. We have moved out from dealing with bills and papers and moved on to e-commerce, Digital Cards ...

By Kuldeep Shinde Oct 01, 2014

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