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e-learning and Moodle

Geetanjali Pukale Oct 21, 2014

Moodle e-learning Technology

e-learning by definition means learning to use electronic media. In this new age of technology, it goes without saying that the use of computers is rampant and it has much hold on the minds of children and youngsters. E-Learning is a widely used word, which means learning through the use of CDs, videos/audios etc.

For a teacher it is difficult or rather impossible to keep a track of how much have his students studied and what has he really understood when it comes to “E-learning” or “online learning”? How does one really keep the track of it?

Moodle is the best answer of it. Moodle (acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is an e-learning open source, based on PHP-MySQL. Now one may think why Moodle?

  • First of all it is based on open source (PHP-MySQL) so no prior software cost is required and the best part is that Moodle is free J .
  • Multi-language support. Greatest advantage of Moodle that it supports over 90 language packs (https://download.moodle.org/langpack/2.7/ ) e.g. Deutsch, French, Chinese, Hindi, Marathi etc.
  • It has worldwide acceptance.
  • Easy to extend and development is comparatively very easy. As the source code is available, one can easily change the code according to the need.
  • Easy to install and use. Many video and power point presentations are present on how to use.
  • It has different themes for tablet, mobile. Basically responsive themes are already supported.
  • It is scorm (acronym for Sharable Content Object Reference Model) 1.2 compliant (simple to understand is animated course with some added advantage).
  • It maintains hierarchy and relationships like student teacher.
  • Reports are available on each major feature.
  • Tracks completion of courses, also can maintain the scores based on assignments/assessments.
  • Re-use of activities/contents in different course.
  • Calendar and events /course date is highlighted and various mail/alerts are sent to students/teachers. A continuous follow up and back is done from system.
  • The resources which are used are highly secured. No resource is directly accessed and no link can guide any one to hack the resource which is the core of any e-learning system.
  • Moodle team is continuously upgrading the current system and many plugins are available.

Any learning is basically a communication between teacher/mentor to student/mentee. Now when you say moodle, this communication ranges from forums, blogs, chats and messages among the individuals who are enrolled within a course. This gives great advantage when people say distance education.

Link for demo of moodle: http://demo.moodle.net/. Enter the captcha code and you can get all the access to admin, manager, teacher and student.

You can download moodle(https://download.moodle.org/ ) and set up on local machine(if you have wamp or xampp) extract it on document root and simple access the folder, e.g. http://localhost/moodle/ will directly take you to installation and the more number of instructors on pages will lead you to smooth installation.

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