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TECH DIGEST – Week 42, 2014

Corporate Oct 24, 2014

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IBM, Microsoft come together for a Cloud Alliance

Microsoft and IBM have come together for a cloud alliance which means that both their clouds will contain elements of their respective enterprise software. Thanks to this arrangement, IBM's middleware software can run in virtual machines on Azure cloud for development and deployment needs. The two tech giants are also collaborating to provide .NET runtimes and tooling in IBM's Bluemix which is the company's own PaaS offering.

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Government IT simply cannot ignore Big Data

Big Data might not have reached its full potential yet, but it is going to clearly transform IT organizations and enterprises that rely on them. While Big Data advances at a fast pace, government organizations are waiting to make their move. But instead of waiting it out, they should do what other enterprises are doing - acquaint themselves with the five major trends in Big Data. These trends are fundamental to It strategy and polanning, and can transform the way business is done. Governments can significantly improve their efficiency and performance with Big Data.

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Twitter tries new approach in mobile apps

Not many people know that the popular social network Twitter also offers mobile app development tools. Now, in its bid to attract developers, it is put in a feature that lets users log into apps using their mobile phones. The service is called 'Digits' and it eliminates the need to create passwords and connect with Facebook/Twitter for login. The company is hoping that this move can attract developers to integrate its messaging service and expand beyond social networking.

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Lenovo partners with VMware for Enterprise Collaboration

Close on the heels of its server deal with IBM, Lenovo has signed an enterprise collaboration deal with VMware. The two companies will collaborate on software-defined data center solutions. The Chinese company has stated that this partnership will extend a 16-year development deal between IBM's System X, which is now a part of Lenovo, and VMware. The deal further broadens the arrangement to include the full range of Lenovo's expanded server business. The deal will focus on private and hybrid cloud infrastructure and software defined storage infrastructure.

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