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Tech Digest – Week 21, 2014

Global database of events now in the cloud for free

Topics: Mobile App developers Enterprise Social Solutions Technology Challenges of Big Data

Why should we choose VSTS for a testing project

VSTS is one of the many tools which are available in the market today. We all know that QTP and Selinum have covered at least 80% of the testing projects now days. In this tough and competitive world of testing VSTS, it is slowly and steadily finding its own place because of its unique advantages.

Topics: testing tools selenium Automation testing OTP VSTS Software testing Technology

3D Printing Pens - Will they pave the way for a new revolution?

3D printing has taken the world by storm. Some futurists have predicted that this will change the world as we know it. The potential and the possibilities are huge and the imagination of these technologists can really help trigger bringing them into reality. People are printing prosthetic limbs, cars and heck even hamburgers!

Topics: Technology

Opportunities for DIGITAL agencies with the emergence of newer technologies

Over the years, digital revolution has changed the way we work and play. As technology gets smarter, promising connectivity and accessibility, it also blurs boundaries between industries. Consumers always look for more meaningful devices and apps, while digital innovation agencies seek more cost effective technology solutions to cope with proliferating complex challenges to differentiate themselves.

Topics: Technology

e-Zest creates a buzz at TiEcon 2014

In the recently concluded TiEcon2014 in California on May 16-17, Booth 242A was the epicenter of activity. Showcasing its next-gen technology solutions, e-Zest generated a lot of interest among the participating entrepreneurs at the conference.

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Tech Digest – Week 20, 2014

Mobility and cloud are the future of businesses, says Microsoft

Topics: Technology

Solution Architect: Master of the Context

One of the more ambiguous terms doing the rounds of the industry is this little term called ‘Solution Architect’. The term certainly is born from the word ‘Solution’. It’s the ‘Architect-ing’ that spins different interpretations. However, without having to use a microscope, we can still very clearly understand where this very important person of the Presales team fits in.

Topics: Solutions Architect Business Analysis

How to Handle File Upload with Node and Express 4.0

File upload is a critical part of many web applications. While it was easy to handle uploads with Express, the most popular web framework for Node, some breaking changes in Express 4.0 make it a little difficult. What adds to it is that most guides on express predate this change! Here in this blog, we shall see how to deal with uploads using the newer version.

Topics: Node.js file upload Technology Express 4.0

Tech Digest – Week 19, 2014

For startups and small businesses, cloud computing will be the game changer

Topics: Technology

Tech Digest – Week 18, 2014

Google gives a boost to its cloud services, acquires tech start-up Stackdriver

Topics: Technology

Visit the e-Zest exhibit at TiECon 2014 to help your company get the digital edge

In today’s world, the traditional ways of doing business are fast getting disrupted. This is especially more important in case of entrepreneurs like you. So, if you have been thinking of making that digital transformation at your organisation, let e-Zest step in! In the upcoming TiEcon 2014 to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California on May 16-17, come and visit booth number 242A and explore the bouquet of digital solutions e-Zest has to offer to your business.

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PHP Script for Sharing Message on Facebook

In the era of social networking, making your web presence popular is very useful especially through social network sites such as Facebook. The information available on the internet may not be precise and hence I have listed down a step-by-step guide for sharing messages on pages as well as user profile from your website using PHP Facebook SDK.

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Hello Friends! I would like to share some points regarding databases. I know it’s a very vast subject & it can’t be covered in one blog; nonetheless I would like to share some points regarding database & database testing. We will have two sections for this. In the first section we will discuss some Database Concepts, and in the second section we will discuss some Tips for Database Testing & Checklist for Database Testing.

Topics: Technology

Tech Digest – Week 17, 2014

Opportunities flowing from public cloud to financial services sector

Topics: enterprise apps Big data public cloud cloud computing Technology Enterprise Mobility 2014

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