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Tech Digest – Week 21, 2014

Corporate May 31, 2014

Mobile App developers Enterprise Social Solutions Technology Challenges of Big Data

Global database of events now in the cloud for free

The Global Database of Events, Languages, and Tones which contains more than 250 million events dating back to 1979 and updated daily, is now available in the cloud free of cost. Developed by Georgetown University researcher Kalev Leetaru, he uses the database to produce a daily report analyzing global stability. He and others have used it to figure out whether certain events such as the kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls and the Crimea situation were predictable.

Leetaru has partnered with Google, to make the dataset available to anyone who wants to analyse the data using Google BigQuery. BigQuery is an extremely powerful tool in terms of the types of analysis it enables. This development will ensure that data scientists, policy analysts and researchers get access to the data straight from a browser window.

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Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data

Big data is more than just about exabytes or petabytes, velocity or Hadoop. It is a journey that every company must take to close the gap between available data and the business insights derived from it.

Marketers need to be involved in their company's big data journey. They must help the techies understand the business challenges facing their company. But businesses that choose to use this data to leverage insights need to be mindful about the financial liabilities of big data.

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Smart device industry presents huge opportunities for mobile app developers

According to some Google reports, profits generated through the smart device industry has surpassed $3.2 billion. Users are also adopting these devices at a fast clip. The projected market for home automation is $14.1 billion by 2018. This huge market offers lots of opportunities to develop hardware, applications and services.

Before developing these applications, user needs should be kept in mind. User demand is always based on future-oriented mobility. Developers should come up with technological solutions which make devices smart. Products such as wearables are easily accessible via smartphones and tablets. However, developers should try to make such devices smart which users would have never thought as a hi-tech device.

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Forecasts on Enterprise Social Solutions

Enterprise social solutions give a social boost to traditional collaboration platforms which cuts across geographies and vertical segments. Not only do the solutions provide a social platform, they also provide flexibility in terms of reach, deployment, and administration. While the concept began as a tool to promote collaboration among employees within an enterprise, the scope has already widened beyond that to include every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Along with employees, channel partners, distributors and customers have all come into the ambit.

Enterprises are beginning to realise the hidden benefits of ESS. The current adoption trends and a presence across all verticals indicate positive growth.

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