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We live in an era where internet has jumped down in the pyramid of needs from luxury to being a necessity. With the ever increasing need of access to ...

By Aashutosh Kulkarni Apr 30, 2014

Is BA a meagre bridge between the client and the organization?

When I joined as a Business Analyst, I was asked by many curious faces around me the question, ‘What is a BA?’ I could have replied with a typically technical ...

By Akshay Mandke Apr 29, 2014

What makes SAP HANA different?

SAP HANA is exciting new technology in news these days. It is an In-Memory ACID compliant database that can process both OLAP and OLTP data. Bringing ...

By Aakarsh Sharma Apr 26, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 16, 2014

Firms grow faster with cloud technologies

By Corporate Apr 26, 2014

MBAAS - Mobile Backend as a Service

Recently when we started working on our new iOS project, the client server communication and its importance was being emphasized upon and was clearly the ...

By Manasi Kulkarni Apr 25, 2014

Get to know Wire Framing tools better

Using software has almost become a part of our life, so knowing your software may just help a little more to understand it and make optimum use of it. Similar ...

By vimaljeet bathla Apr 22, 2014

All about the newly released MongoDB 2.6

MongoDB recently announced the latest release 2.6 and is already being termed as their biggest release ever. With the promise of better performance and new ...

By Vinay Chavan Apr 21, 2014

Tech Digest - Week 15, 2014

When there is a “clash of clouds”

By Corporate Apr 19, 2014

Working with 9 patch images for Android

The use of 9 patch images for Android development is to help keep the app lower in the size. We can use 9 patch images for the buttons & backgrounds.

By Guruling Kumbhar Apr 16, 2014

Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare – Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP)

If you are associated with the US healthcare industry in any way, you must have already tried to put your brain around the Medicare Shared Savings Program ...

By Satish Khune Apr 15, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 14, 2014

Azure helping Microsoft to be ahead of the pack in Cloud

By Corporate Apr 11, 2014

Build Mobile Applications with jQuery mobile and MVC 4

Today, developing a mobile application is easy, but running it on multiple mobile devices with adaptive UI is a bit challenging. But jQuery mobile framework ...

By Vinayak Hodage Apr 10, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 13, 2014

Adopting Cloud and how the network now strikes back

By Corporate Apr 04, 2014

e-Zest Sponsors Drupal Camp in Pune

In a bid to strengthen the local Drupal Community, Drupal once again comes to Pune all set to open the Drupal Camp on the 5thand 6th of April’ 2014, at Range ...

By Corporate Apr 04, 2014

Unveiling the Mysteries of US Healthcare - Accountable Care Organizations

Are you tired of the long hours of surfing the internet in an attempt to draw a picture of the full spectrum of US healthcare? Are you lost in the web of ...

By Satish Khune Apr 02, 2014

4 tips for Store success

With more than 1 million apps already on both App Store and Play Store, how can we ensure that our app gets noticed and that too, gets noticed big?!

By Ruchi More Apr 01, 2014

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