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Tech Digest – Week 16, 2014

Corporate Apr 26, 2014

Future of enterprise solution cloud technologies Big Data apps and security Technology

Firms grow faster with cloud technologies

Small and medium enterprises, with or without IT background are revolutionizing the way they do business through cloud- based applications. Though the number of such entrepreneurs are small and mainly restricted to service sector, their success stories in this cloud arena is being followed by others. Even the tier II and tier III towns are experimenting using IT solutions to rapidly grow their business in their respective areas. Business owners who were apprehensive earlier are willing to invest in cloud computing and mobile application from Microsoft.

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Big Data week in Belfast

Big data week taking place in London, LA, Kuala Lumpur, Washington, Berlin, Lagos and Madrid is all set to take place in Belfast as well, set to attract more than 100 big data experts to the “Big Data Insights” conference on May 7. Belfast as a ‘big data’ centre is getting ready to host a global technology festival. Firms like IBM, SAP, Fujitsu and PwC will share their knowledge on opportunities, privacy and data security.

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Five steps for better apps and security

Dependence on smart phone all the time and also on many apps to support the daily tasks has made users highly vulnerable to security flaw. As more and more people become dependent on these apps, how do they make sure all their security concerns are taken care?

Users of these apps are often confronted with concerns on protection and cyber risks. They have a responsibility to constantly secure their phones with a strong and unique passwords; installing security, encryption, and anti-malware software. Companies that produce mobile apps equally are responsible to make the apps undergo sufficient security testing and evaluation.

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In pursuit of the Future of enterprise solution

With many businesses investing time and resources in enterprise collaboration, it is a good time to revisit its evolution. There are these three huge dividers which cut across the enterprise collaboration space. You need to be fully aware of these big divides to evaluate and understand the productive discussion on the same.

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