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Lazy Loading in Domain Model

Entities in a domain model are often related to each other. JPA 2.0 provides the following four annotations to define the relationships between entities:

Topics: Java Technology

Real estate goes mobile

With the present fierce competition in the market, creating high impact and an ever growing presence for your company is becoming a big challenge in itself. Real estate is one market that is constantly evolving and there has been a major shift in this market over the last decade. Likewise there has been a major change in focus as regards the marketing activities in this sector.

Topics: Mobile Development Technology

Inheritance in Database Design

How do you design a Domain Model and the related database tables? People usually follow one of the following two approaches:

Topics: Java Technology

The Language of Abstraction

Evolution and progress in science is introducing more and more layers of abstraction in the world today. In fact, it has been influencing technology the most and we all are a witness to it today. However in spite of being aware of this fact, we all still choose to live in abstraction and forget to look at the details within. And the irony is that, it is in these very details that the ease with which we can get things done today is really hidden. Now let me make this simpler taking cue from history itself and let us begin with technology; particularly programming languages.

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Tech Digest – Week 43, 2013

Cloud thinking for business

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e-Zest Solutions to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013

e-Zest, a global company specializing in software product and digital innovation, today announced that they will be participating as a Conference Exhibitor in the upcoming TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 from October 26-29, 2013.

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Basic testing scenarios for Windows Phone 8 mobile apps

It’s a known fact that testing mobile applications to deliver high quality and high level performance is extremely crucial. Similarly, it is necessary to test basic functional scenarios while testing Windows Phone app. Today, I will discuss or share such scenarios one needs to test before submitting app to app store to avoid app rejection.

Topics: Windows Phone 8 mobile apps Windows Mobile Development Technology mobile testing services

Tech Digest – Week 42, 2013

Microsoft misses the cloud forecast under Ballmer

Topics: Yammer’s iPad app enterprise development Big data Hadoop cloud computing Technology

Tech Digest – Week 41, 2013

What's Next For The Cloud? The Intercloud

Topics: Intercloud Cloud-Based Mobile Kony Big data enterprise social collaboration cloud computing Technology

Marketing Travel and Tourism using Mobile Applications

A holiday is a time of leisure and while holidaying, no one would surely want to be in a mood to tackle last minute problems, annoyances or unpleasant surprises. Hence to make this time a very memorable one, availing the services of a reputed travel and tourism company that promises complete transparency and outstanding quality of information would be the wisest thing to do. The ease with which one can find relevant information is most crucial to a successful travel business enterprise. The greatest challenge that travel and tourism organizers face today, is that of improving and maintaining a consistent inflow of customers.

Topics: Mobile Development Technology

REST Authentication using OAUTH 2.0 Resource Owner Password Flow protocol


In this blog we will look at how to perform authentication for an application exposing its functionalities as Rest Services. All requests made to access protected resource of such an application needs to be accessible only to Authenticated Users.

Topics: Spring Security Rest Authentication Resource Owner Password Flow protocol Oauth 2.0 Technology

The Executor Framework – Part VII

In the last blog post on Executor Framework, I had written about ThreadPoolExecutor. In this blog post, I’m writing about ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor and ForkJoinPool.

Topics: Executor ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor RecursiveTask Java ExecutorService Multithreading ScheduledExecutorService RecursiveAction Concurrency API ForkJoinTask Executors Technology ForkJoinPool

Tech Digest – Week 40, 2013

Launch of Verizon Cloud to change the public cloud industry

Topics: Verizon Cloud HDP 2.0 Social enterprise collaboration governance BYOD Mobility Technology

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