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Tech Digest – Week 40, 2013

Corporate Oct 05, 2013

Verizon Cloud HDP 2.0 Social enterprise collaboration governance BYOD Mobility Technology

Launch of Verizon Cloud to change the public cloud industry

Verizon’s new offering ‘Verizon Cloud’ is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and cloud-based object storage services. With this service, Verizon is wishing to change how public clouds are built.

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BYOD and mobility to fuel enterprise growth

BYOD and right mobility strategy holds the key to the success of an enterprise and hence the key considerations need attention in order for BYOD and mobility to be successfully incorporated in a daily scheme of things.

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Hadoop's second generation offers more to enterprises

HDP 2.0, termed as second generation of Hadoop handles manageability well with Ambari. Ambari’s web interface is intuitive and it makes provisioning, managing and monitoring Hadoop cluster easier. It also allows automation of initial installation, rolling upgrades without service disruption, high availability and disaster recovery.

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Social enterprise collaboration governance: A little done, a lot more to do

2013 Collaboration Benchmark Survey showed that while the average organization is using 2 social collaboration tools, just over a third have an enterprise social network (ESN) governance policy in place. Also, it is revealed that the bigger the company, the more difficult it is to implement social network policy.

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