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Tech Digest – Week 26, 2013

Complex IT estates preventing cloud adoption

By Corporate Jun 28, 2013

What is Fast App Switching and how to achieve it programmatically in Windows Phone?

One of the nicest features in the Windows Phone (WP7 or WP8) is fast app switching (FAS), using which a user can very easily switch between currently running ...

By Shrilesh Kale Jun 27, 2013

Using Composite Id in Hibernate 4.2.1.Final

Using composite Id with auto-generated values

By Madhura Oak Jun 25, 2013

Windows Phone - Answer for Enterprise Mobility

Owing to the changes in the current scenario in the Mobility Computing field, smart phones are becoming the preference of the user. Enterprises realizing this ...

By Aditya Kaole Jun 24, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 25, 2013

Private Microsoft cloud computing service for government goes live

By Corporate Jun 21, 2013

Technology partner for Digital Marketing and Branding agencies

In yester years the belief of having just one agency for all the marketing initiatives was the traditional and successful approach for any brand, it worked ...

By Mandar Thosar Jun 20, 2013

How to run multiple Tomcat instances on single Linux server?

If you are a developer then you will find yourself in a situation where you have to run multiple instances of Tomcat server on a single machine. The ...

By Pravin Patil Jun 19, 2013

AWS Mumbai Summit 2013

e-Zest is Silver Sponsor of AWS Summit 2013 happening at Mumbai on June 25, 2013. To get latest news and trends from AWS to benefit your business from Cloud ...

By Corporate Jun 18, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 24, 2013

New algorithm solves Cloud security issues

By Corporate Jun 14, 2013

So TiECon 2013 was awesome!

Few days ago, on May 17-18, e-Zest was there at TiECon 2013. Yes that TiECon… and it was pretty awesome!

By Corporate Jun 11, 2013

Stronger bonds: e-Zest is now a member of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

e-Zest's engagement with its present (and future) North American clientele has just taken a pretty big step forward. e-Zest, recently, has been inducted as a ...

By Corporate Jun 10, 2013

Tech Digest – Week 23, 2013

Cloud Computing Integration – Future of IT in Banking

By Corporate Jun 07, 2013

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