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10 success mantra’s for technology start-ups

Satish Chavan Feb 05, 2014

Team start-ups 10 success mantra’s Technology

After working very closely with almost 60+ technology startups for over a period of last ten years, I have realized that there are certain areas that differentiate successful technology start-ups from the rest. Here are 10 success mantras for technology start-ups based on my learning and experiences while working with technology startups,

  1. Invest in values and culture from the inception stages of the company. Learn from others, but retain a strong independent vision for your business
  2. Don’t try to do too much at once. Focus on the real value that you are generating for your customers/users and most importantly prioritize
  3. Refine your business plan on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate changing direction if the market demands so
  4. Specific emerging technology might be ticket to game, but it’s not game in itself for sustainable growth
  5. Build comfort with scaling of business and focus on growth. Think big and act taking small steps
  6. Foster beneficial partnerships rather than reinventing the wheel. Build ecosystems around your product/solution or be a part of the larger ecosystem
  7. For all strategic hiring’s, make a rule- hire people better than you and people with positive mindset
  8. Choose investors that add more value than just money. Raise money only when it is essential
  9. Manage your cash flows
  10. Persistence is the key to success. Don’t get bogged down by challenges

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