Tech Digest – Week 52, 2012

2012 witnesses Cloud computing taking a bite out of IT

Topics: amazon web services iOS Social media private cloud public cloud SharePoint Android enterprise content management cloud computing Technology

Pentaho configuration for MySQL

Steps to change Pentaho preconfigured hypersonic database to MySQL

Topics: Pentaho Liferay Integration business intelligence MySQL pentaho Technology

Saiku Analytics (BI) Integration with Pentaho and Liferay


Topics: business intelligence Java pentaho Ad hoc Report Feature Liferay Saiku Analytics Technology

Tech Digest – Week 51, 2012

Google shuts down 11 services

Topics: Microsoft Social BI tools Google Apps Microsoft Cloud Mobile Commerce Technology

Row decoration competition 2012

We as an organization have always believed in unity and oneness. The team building activities add to the already cohesive teams of our company. We have more than 300 plus professional onboard working in sync with each other, sharing the unique thoughts and coming up with innovations that touch lives. To keep up with the tradition, e-Zest held row decoration competition which was a highly awaited event wherein the team had to decorate their respective bays, not more than 10 members in each team. Each team had to come up with themes and decorate their bays likewise.

Topics: Internal Activities News & Events Competition

EDI Unleashed – Series 4

In the previous blog we discussed about the concept of Clearinghouse. With the advent of Electronic Claim Submission, there are n numbers of Clearinghouses in the market today with each offering diverse range of services.

Topics: Electronic Claim Submission Electronic Data Interchange Healthcare EDI healthcare EDI Technology ClearingHouse

Local languages in Java

We can code Java in English as well as in many other languages like Marathi, Hindi etc. In order to make Java code readable in another language we have to change our program’s encoding to “UTF-8 Encoding”.

Topics: Eclipse Java Coding Java IDE UTF-8 Encoding Technology

Tech Digest – Week 50, 2012

NASA's Cloud Computing Odyssey: From Earth to Mars

Topics: iPhone 5 DotNetNuke 7 iOS app development SharePoint cloud computing Technology Business Intelligence Tools

Charts in Excel 2010 Using OOXML & C#

Open Office XML (also known as OOXML or OpenXML) is a XML based file format developed by Microsoft for representing office documents. An OOXML file is stored in zipped, XML files.

Topics: Excel 2010 Open Office XML OpenXML C# OOXML XML Microsoft .Net Technology

Tech Digest – Week 49, 2012

Microsoft follows Google and Amazon in Cloud price drop

Topics: amazon web services Business Intelligence Applications Elastic Cloud Compute AWS Microsoft Azure Infragistic iOS6 RhoMobile SharePoint Mobile Development Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Android Sencha Icenium Oracle Business Intelligence EC2 Google Compute Engine cloud computing Technology

e-Zestians displayed love for life by participating at 27th Pune International Marathon 2012

Team e-Zest is always known to support noble causes. This time around team participated in the 27th Pune International Marathon which took place on the 2nd of December 2012. The theme for this year was ‘AIDS Awareness’. The entire run was designed in such a fashion that thousands of spectators could line the route and become an integral part of the event.

Topics: e-Zest News & Events Pune Marathon AIDS Charity Run Pune International Marathon 2012

Synchronizers In Java - CyclicBarrier

Along with CountDownLatch, FutureTask and Semaphore, the Concurrency API in Java 5 also introduced a barrier – CyclicBarrier. This class is used as a barrier for a set of threads, to keep them waiting until all the threads have reached it. Once all the threads reach the barrier, it is tripped, allowing them to perform further execution. The number of threads in WAITING state, which when reached should trip the barrier, is passed as an argument to the constructor of CyclicBarrier. A Runnable action to be performed when the barrier is tripped can also be defined optionally while instantiating CyclicBarrier. The last thread to enter the barrier executes this action before the other waiting threads are released. If the action throws exception, the barrier is broken and all the other threads receive a checked exception BrokenBarrierException.

Topics: CyclicBarrier Java Multithreading Concurrency API Technology synchronizers

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