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Tech Digest – Week 49, 2012

Corporate Dec 07, 2012

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Microsoft follows Google and Amazon in Cloud price drop

Recently Microsoft has dropped the price of its cloud computing services, following two price cuts each by Google and Amazon Web Services. This price cutting began when AWS announced an 18% reduction in the cost of its virtual machines running on its Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service. Google announced a 5% drop in its Google Compute Engine. Over the last few weeks, a trend has been noticed with the step-down in prices for Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure in the competitive market.

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Oracle’s Business Intelligence applications deliver significant ROI

According to a recent study conducted by a consulting firm about Total Economic Impact (TEI) on ROI, Oracle has found that Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) applications can deliver a peaked ROI. They can do this by providing complete, real-time, and enterprise wide insight for all users, enabling fact-based actions and intelligent interaction. For the customers, the benefits do not end here, it also includes lower procurement, accounts payable savings, lower inventory working capital and many more.

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Mobile development in the year 2012

In 2012, we witnessed many ups in mobile development with the three major companies coming up with updates in Operating systems and device hardware. While Apple won lawsuit against Samsung and dropped Google Maps from iOS6 bringing in the Tom Tom. Android reached a milestone in October when the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 5. In September, DevExpress introduced a new tool that lets Visual Studio developers build apps for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows 8. Also Icenium from Telerik was introduced to address growing trend in developers building cross-platform mobile apps with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Infragistic, RhoMobile and Sencha were also in the race.

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New Exchange 2013 features tighten integration with SharePoint

Microsoft has urged customers to consider the various benefits of using Exchange Server and SharePoint together, rather than using the two separately in the traditional way. Microsoft is offering two new Exchange 2013 features: site mailboxes and in-place e-discovery and therefore keeping the tradition alive as there are several integration capabilities available between past iterations of two products. The eDiscovery Center is a dedicated SharePoint site that is used to search, export and preserve content. Also Query-based preservation is designed to use query filters to determine the mailbox content to which the In-Place Hold applies.

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