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Why must you participate in the Coderetreat?

Corporate Nov 13, 2017

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Coderetreat 2017

The general definition of coderetreat goes, ‘coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design.’ Coderetreat focuses on solving one problem in multiple ways rather than arriving at a finished and polished outcome. It also pairs different developers together and encourages them to learn from each other. Have you made up your mind to attend the coderetreat at e-Zest on 18th Nov, 2017? If not, here are some reasons that will help you decide!

  • Coderetreat is not pressure driven. As developers, we all know about the deadline’s demands on our work. A deadline can get results but it also hinders our creativity by not giving us enough time to explore multiple solutions for the problem at hand. These kind of pressures are lifted during a code retreat that allows us to explore multiple paths to a single outcome.

  • Coderetreat focuses on pair programming. The pair programming paradigm of coderetreat is not just you pairing with your regular buddy. It also mixes and matches your skills with other strangers you will meet at the event. This will push you to hone your team-work skills and get better at working with changing teams.

  • Coderetreat imposes constraints on your solutions. Once you have a basic code in place that solves the problem that the event focuses on, the event adds gradual constraints to the solution. The event pushes you to design and redesign your solution with different constraints in place. Once again, it amps up your creativity.

  • Test driven development is given priority. As the event unfolds, the rules make it mandatory for you to write the test-cases before resuming development. We have all been guilty of skipping through the step for the lack of time and resources. Coderetreat helps us in sharpening these skills and helps us appreciate the solutions created using the test-case first method.

  • Coderetreat exposes you to different ways of thinking. It is probably the same thing that we have been saying in the last four points. But in a nutshell, coderetreat helps you to think along different lines to achieve the same outcome. It also helps you to appreciate the fact that no approach is perfect and there will always be trade-offs.
A coderetreat treats you to all these experiences in the space of one single day! It is a proven platform to better our development skills and improve our all-round thinking about designing a solution. It will also expose you to different developers around your city and will help you pick a thing or two that can boost your own skills!

So head to the next coderetreat that is happening at Pune, right here at e-Zest Solutions on 18th Nov, 2017!

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