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When is the right moment to rebuild your software product?

Shailesh Kulkarni Dec 28, 2016

software rebuild rebuilding software product

With the technological evolution, a lot of frameworks and languages are been launched and discarded simultaneously. Furthermore, various tools and techniques are being used by enterprises suitable to their standards and application requirement. However, with this drastic innovation, enterprises are skeptical whether their existing software products need to be updated or must be rebuilt with the latest available technologies.

Below are few points for enterprises to know when their software are due for rebuilding.

  • If you are working on a particular technology for years, but it is no longer supported. For instance, you are working on Flash but it is no longer supported by modern browsers and thus, you need to replace it with HTML 5. However, in this scenario, an appropriate migration plan is required to move from the old technology to a former technology.

  • On whichever technology your application is built, you are not able to scale it. This can be one of the reasons to consider rebuilding your software product. Owing to the technical needs and increased usage, your application might perform poorly. So instead of adding extra storage and functionality, it is better to rebuild your product which can automatically scale according to the usage and provide flexibility.

  • Your client is no longer interested in your product and offerings. This can be another reason to consider rebuilding your product. Your client can lose interest in your product because a competitor is offering user-friendly and mobile-friendly application having additional features extending it beyond your product. This might make your client feel that your product is outdated and thus he might think of other better options available in the market.

  • As the years pass, your product functionalities and hence underlying technologies remain unchanged. The community interest in open source technologies may go down and proprietary technologies may lose the support contracts. If any of this is approaching in your case then it is time to revive the technology stack.

If any of the above-mentioned points matches your criteria then you should really consider rebuilding your software product. In my next blog, I will share the points that you must consider while rebuilding your product. Hope my blog post helped you in deciding whether you require software rebuild or not.

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