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Transforming customer experience through 'Phygital'

Sneha Apr 10, 2015

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The irreplaceable element for any business success is their customers or users, regardless of their complex consumption patterns. The nexus of digital technologies and social have fundamentally transformed the way user behaves and communicates with the brands.

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With the power moving in the hands of today’s tech-savvy customers, organizations are providing personalized experiences both on-line and in-store. These businesses have successfully merged the physical and digital boundaries to create a perfect sequence of experiences called 'phygital' experience to bring their customers closer to their brand.

Businesses are exponentially getting disrupted by the impact of such digitization which is absolutely essential to stay relevant in this digital era. Digital products and services with enriching customer experiences are rapidly disrupting businesses and engulfing the market share.

With this growing trend, leveraging customer intelligence never was as relevant as it is today. Providing great customer experiences to a large customer demography which was once a challenge is now made easy by putting data sources together with modern technologies.

Brands offering customized products and services, recommendations and promotions are increasingly on the rise and turning into bigger brands. With the wake of many emerging digital technologies, most businesses are rapidly stepping up as per their unique customer needs. The digital laggards miss out on many business opportunities with lack of digital products and services that find a higher acceptance among the new-age user. As a result, many can see products lagging behind becoming obsolete.

Personalized user experience based on analytics run on customer intelligence – a real-time forecasting using multiple data sources. New-age technologies offering dynamic user experience like augmented reality, gamification, omni-channel, machine learning and predictive analysis are rapidly propelling the proliferation of digital.

The convergence of Big data and Cloud bridges the gaps between physical and digital world giving extraordinary experiences to customers using social BI, sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, social media integration. Leveraging these technologies one can cater to each individual’s needs uniquely and more precisely.

These digital technologies not only improve your current customer engagements but also give you potential insights about your customer needs and demands creating long term engagement with your customers.

Innovative digital solutions such as unified inbox, social search, automated social integration, social CRM integration etc. can nudge your business to go beyond the conventional image of a service provider. However, this can only happen through Digital Transformation which will aid you in creating unique, positive and customer experiences.

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