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Cloud Security Concerns for CIOs

Owing to the rapid developments in technology, cloud computing has become an integral part of the enterprises. Cloud offers enormous benefits like agility and scalability for the smooth functioning of enterprise operations. Cloud will continue to evolve by allowing business to store, access, process and share information.

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Innovation: Both Disruptive and Adaptive

The stories of ‘the father of automobiles’, where he has a more far-reaching vision than ‘faster horses’, has been some of our first anecdotal trysts with innovation. Thinking beyond just a bunch of ticked-off questions on a form, adding empathy to the mix and creating something disruptive are catching on as tenets of a well innovated project. From the mysticism that surrounded the world of innovation ( furthered to some extent by Steve Jobs ‘misfits, rebels’ speech ) we have come a long way in crafting out the tenets as outlined above with parameters that can guide people and projects.

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e-Zest is a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilizes emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts. It offers software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, user experience and digital commerce.