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TECH DIGEST – Week 47, 2014

Corporate Nov 28, 2014

Big Data techniques enterprise collaboration in 2015 mobile phone Technology

Cloud Computing will lead IT spending in the future

A Computerworld 2015 forecast has predicted that the IT spending for Cloud Computing will increase by 42% in 2015. Today, cloud computing initiatives are one of the major tasks driven by IT departments around the world. This technology is expected to cause most disruption in the future. The disruption will mainly happen through improved services and new revenue streams.

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PMO employing Big Data techniques to drive action

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in India is the latest to hop on the Big Data bandwagon. The office is employing Big Data techniques to process the ideas served by citizens on its crowdsourcing platform mygov.in. Actionable reports are then generated using data for ministries and departments. There is a large team of data analytics professionals who are processing and filtering key points from mygov.in and gauging the popular mood through social media sites.

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Can your business be run through a mobile phone?

Can business leaders run businesses entirely from a mobile phone? While some years before it was possible to communicate through phones, you still had to be in the office for access to staff members and paperwork. Theoretically, a smartphone can now substitute for a staff member and reach for all the information. The cloud has made it possible to access resources right from the device via apps or HTML5 pages, Skype for conferencing, Dropbox for file storage and desktop.com for account management. Even sophisticated functions such as BI dashboards are available on mobile.

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Business and IT needs will align to improve enterprise collaboration in 2015

A report on enterprise mobile collaboration argues that mobility is still focused on personal productivity and collaboration is still immature. The report found out that Microsoft is the leader in enterprise collaboration but enterprises still are not using it as an all-in-one solution. Employees are also using non-secure tools for collaboration. The report also suggests that enterprises have to broaden the scope of collaboration to streamline processes and improve productivity.

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