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Tech Digest – Week 47, 2012

Corporate Nov 23, 2012

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Windows Server 2012 now runs in Amazon's cloud

Microsoft's new server operating system Windows Server 2012 can now be run on Amazon Web Services cloud. Owing to this change, Enterprises will be able to take advantage of improved management features and latest versions of IIS and the .Net framework. The OS can already be installed on Microsoft's own Azure cloud and Rackspace, in addition it also offers a number of different configurations on its platform. The operating system is available in AWS data centers around the world, and enterprises can choose between 31 Windows Server 2012 virtual images. They support 19 different languages and have been prepackaged with SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

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Oracle research shows worker talent often hidden from companies

Companies use business intelligence to analyze key data on their tangible assets, but why don't they do a better job of looking at the data they have on the people that work for them?

Oracle surveyed 400 companies in UK, France, Germany and Australia to get an answer to this question. By looking at how data proficient (good data usage) and data deficient (lacking data usage) companies use workforce data, sourcing and on-boarding talent, learning and development and other metrics.

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Facebook product manager talks Facebook for iOS & retooling the mobile development process

As we know, Facebook has been doing a lot of work to improve its mobile experiences, the most noticeable amongst them is the release of a faster, rebuilt native Facebook for iOS app in August and the more-recently promised timed release cycles for its mobile apps. Michael Sharon, Product Manager of Facebook shared more on how it has retooled its development process and integrated features from its standalone apps into Facebook for iOS. If we’ve ever wondered about the focus behind Facebook’s strategy on iOS, he provided some good insights regarding this.

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Yammer + SharePoint: Microsoft's social strategy isn't social at all, rather it’s collaborative

Microsoft continued its clasp of social media by stating that it would cut prices for its recent Yammer acquisition and tie the corporate social network closer to its enterprise collaboration tool, SharePoint, both now and through future integration. Microsoft said that Yammer and SharePoint can be tied up via Yammer Web Parts and the new Yammer Open Graph capabilities. Microsoft henceforth plans to invest in unified identity, integrated document management and feed aggregation for both services, possibly turning SharePoint into a ‘powered by Yammer’ application.

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